The national team will have its caravan of champions from Ezeiza to the Obelisk together with the fans

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Argentina he is world champion. And a 36-year wait promises to be celebrated in a big way. The Selection who drives Lionel Messi and directs Lionel Scaloni He is traveling to the country where a gigantic operation is currently being organized so that the players and the technical staff can have direct contact with the fans.

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The appointment is for noon on Tuesday. This was confirmed by the Argentine delegation after the Rome stopover, on board two charter planes on which the players, their families and the leaders of the AFAas president Claudio Chiqui Tapia.

“The world champion team will leave on Tuesday at noon for the Obelisk to celebrate the world title with the fans”, they write from the official story of the national team.

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“Argentina, this is it,” wrote Tapia from the plane and close to the World Cup.

The question at the moment is knowing the route that the national team will take from Ezeiza to the center of Buenos Aires and what the police operation that will cut traffic in much of the city will be like.

In addition, the other discussion of the last few hours is knowing what role the Alberto Fernández government will play in the face of this massive call that will revolve around the bus brought by the Argentine team, with Messi at the helm.

Calls between AFA officials and members are ongoing, with the AFA president discussing the matter with campus leadership at 10,000 meters above sea level. From the intimacy of the national team it is said that the players want to have that experience but that the fear is the political use of their goal in Qatar.

As it turned out, Alberto Fernández made the Casa Rosada available to players to celebrate from the balcony of the Government Palace facing the Plaza de Mayo, and he allegedly suggested that he was not in that photo which would be historic and would be on par with those who were the returns of the champions of Mexico 86 and the runners-up of Italy 90.

The ball, as always, is with the players.

Source: Clarin

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