The world champions arrived in Argentina and a crowd accompanied them to the AFA stadium

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I’m already in Argentina. The players and coaching staff who have been crowned champions in the Qatar World Cup 2022 They landed in Ezeiza at 2:24 and brought the World Cup to the country, 36 years after the last victory in Mexico in 1986.

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Aerolíneas Argentinas flight AR1915 first cleared itself: it made a low flight through the city center of Buenos Aires and passed over the Obelisk. Then, headed to Ezeiza International Airport.

The aircraft landed on the runway at 2:24 am. As it moved forward, two fire trucks formed an arc of water under which the aircraft could pass. A ritual reserved for special moments that recalled, on this occasion, a scene from a film.

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The first to go down was Lionel Messi, at 2.56. He came out with the World Cup in hand and with Lionel Scaloni. A large delegation awaited them, including the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, and other government officials such as the national director of migration, Florencia Carignano, as well as the ambassador of Qatar, Battal Al Dosari, among others.

None of them were received directly by the players. According to the curious explanation given by them, this is due to the fact that the staff of the various bodies and authorities acted “with the assumption of not delaying or hindering their arrival on campus” to “facilitate and accelerate their arrival and their departure from the airport.”

The protagonists were also received by La Mosca, who staged a show on an improvised stage. Of course, she sang on loop ‘lads‘, the iconic song that accompanied the national team during its world tour.

From there, they walked down a red carpet, under an arch that read “Thank you champs,” and finally climbed into the micro convertible. They set off to the side, straight up the Richieri Highway, heading to the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) property in Ezeiza, where they will stay overnight.

The journey was at a man’s pace. Dozens of police on foot, on motorcycles and in patrol cars formed a human cordon advancing alongside the bus. Thousands of people crowded around him to receive his photo and his greetings from the players.

They arrived at the AFA property shortly after 4 a.m., nearly two hours after landing. Now the protagonists will sleep and recharge their batteries for this Tuesday’s journey to the obelisk.

The arrival of the relatives of the world champions

The relatives of the world champions of Argentina landed at 21:54 on a private runway of Aerolíneas Argentina. One by one, they went through the arrivals gate of Terminal C, in Ezeiza. Several fans waited inside to receive them. The family of Emiliano Martinez was one of the most applauded.

“Emi is like all the players of the national team. They fight for the blue-and-whites. There are no salaries or anything else. In Qatar we were local in all the matches and we will continue to be so,” he said in TN extension Dibu’s father, who said he brought his son’s gloves and shirt.

The mother of Papa Gomezwho did not hesitate to say that his son is cuter than David Beckham, after being asked about the resemblance which has become a meme after streaming that some footballers, with Lionel Messi in the lead, they did with the Kun Aguero.

Outside the airport, they waited six microphones to move them. They all left together in the middle of a special security operation. The vast majority took buses, although others opted for their own private vehicles.

The caravan was watched by police officers, who couldn’t do much to stop thousands of supporters from getting in the way. There was one section where they crawled along, while people waved their best to the relatives of the players. Some unwary even believed that the players themselves were inside the buses.


Source: Clarin

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