What am I doing here, travel diary, day 37: we will always have Qatar

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Rick is not there, nor Ilsa, nor we are victims of the worst of persecutions. We are far from being Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. We have no hats and we are not even in Casablanca. Although we must not forget that Morocco had a great World Cup with their unexpected fourth place. We are still in Doha. In a few hours we will return to our homes after more than an unforgettable month. It is that this magical tournament will never be cancelled, in which Lionel Messi has found his definitive redemption and the national team, in Scaloneta mode, has added its third star. Therefore, there is no doubt: we will always have Qatar.

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The day after the day that brought one of the greatest joys in history to the homeland of football, Argentina, is a rare day. In order not to lose the habit, we continue with our buttocks resting on a chair and without stopping typing the latest stories of this tournament. You no longer need to go to the Qatar National University headquarters to see the training sessions. You no longer have to pass scanners everywhere like those that had to be avoided at almost every step.

At noon in Qatar, the only time the sun dared to shine a little hot, we went looking for a place to eat. And we took the opportunity to take a walk around the fan partythe place where supporters who didn’t have tickets gathered to watch matches, see shows and, incidentally, have a beer. The place was about to disappear.

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We left the car in a parking lot where until a few hours ago only “authorised persons” could access and nobody said anything to us. We went through a control tent in which there was a completely disassembled scanner, as if it were in a machine shop. And no one asked us for any documentation. We went through closed fences and no one from the security said anything to us. There was no security. “If you meet a policeman, go through,” recommended one person we asked if we were headed in the right direction. And we went the same way. Everything relaxed.

Doha, with its magnificent skyscrapers and alluring splendor that never ceases to amaze, he disarmed himself as if he were a Rasti a few hours later Messi lifted the cup he’s always dreamed of and flew with his fellow adventurers to a Buenos Aires that awaits him with open arms.

“Your Highness kept his promise”is the headline of one of the newspapers of this city that accompanies a photo of Messi with the FIFA boss, Gianni Infantinoand the emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. I could not understand what height he was talking about: the sheikh or the captain of the Scaloneta. Another strikes strong and in the center, like Dybala, and puts “Argentina world champion” on the cover. everyone talks about us.

I was telling you the other day that the city was emptying as the World Cup closed. And it is. It is evident that there are fewer people. Fact: Calls to prayer are heard louder. And winter, which hasn’t arrived yet, gives us a powerful night breeze that makes us forget the strength of an increasingly weak sun.

It is as if the desert has come to visit the city. Now, in these few hours that remain before boarding the plane, we will get to know the real Doha. With already a few Argentines, that this Monday the airport’s departure terminal was full with their joy on their shoulders that made it worth (and forget), the thousands of dollars spent/invested in this venture.

On a side note: I really like playing with numbers. It’s like OCD. This expedition, the last one in this story, is number 37. What is the sum of 3 + 7? Add 10. I believe nothing is a coincidence. Our 10, Messi, o “Maradoha” As an Italian newspaper headlined, he is the hero of this story with a happy ending. Everything has to do with everything. Until the next time…

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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