Celebrations in Rosario after the Obelisk? The mayor made the city available to Messi and Di María

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While in Buenos Aires the party is organized against the clock in Obelisk for Argentina national team players who won the Cup in Qatar, in Rosario they also try to organize their party with the world champions and claim to have “everything ready” to offer players born there a meeting with the fans.

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This Monday, the mayor of Rosario Paul Javkin claimed to be able to provide a security scheme so that Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and Ángel Correa — the three local players originally mentioned in the World Cup list — can celebrate the world title with the fans. They also said they have already brought the plan to the Messi family so they can evaluate it.

“We are happy, yesterday was a wonderful day. I think it was the mobilization in the largest monument in the history of Rosario. We know they will come here later. We like to say that we are the football capital of the world, but yesterday it was ratified,” Javkin said in a dialogue with CNN Radio.

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As they claim, inside Flag monument they passed by 700 thousand people and the festivities were repeated in some 300 streets of the city.

Javkin said it’s unclear what the festivities will look like in Buenos Aires, but they think “make the city available” of players to choose what they want to do. Usually, both Messi and Di María and Correa usually spend their holidays with their people. The same Walter Samuel, a member of Lionel Scaloni’s technical staff.

“We spoke to Governor (Omar) Periotti, Jorge (Messi) and Di María’s father. They usually spend their holidays here. If they want to greet people, we’ll have an alternative let them do it. If they want to spend their holidays with their families as well,” she said. “What families and children decide,” she added.

In case players wanted to greet people, Javkin said he has a security scheme in place. “If they want to, we can guarantee they will arrive, greet people and go home. It’s the pattern we use when a president arrives. We would not be afraid to organize itthe space in the Flag Monument is large,” he said.

He also confessed it could be a pilot test to ensure players’ safety should they want to play for City sides. Di María has already said that he wants to retire to Rosario Central, while Messi is an avowed fan of Newell’seven if he has never been completely firm in his desire to wear the Rossoneri shirt before retiring.

The doubts arise from the complex situation in which Rosario lives. The city is going through a year where violence —especially the one related to drug trafficking— has broken death records, with 274 homicides so far in 2022, surpassing the 271 recorded in 2013.

Crimes have increased for the third consecutive year in the largest city of Santa Fe. The current cumulative represents an increase of 13.7% compared to the 2021 total.

“We have a phenomenon of violence closely linked to the drug economy, but I assure you In no other city will you see a city with full squares at 12 at nightwith people having picnics,” Javkin replied. “Yesterday there wasn’t a single Rosary who didn’t go out to celebrate yesterday and there were no accidents,” he launched.

Source: Clarin

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