Argentina world champion: Gonzalo Montiel’s mother has revealed the trick with which he has never missed a penalty

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Marissa, Gonzalo Montiel’s motherwho converted the last penalty that consecrated the Qatar national team as World Champions, shared his happiness and pride for his son and revealed what is the cabal of a lifetime so your child never fails from the 12 steps. A habit that he repeats since he played in the lower echelons of the River.

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“It cost, with so much sacrifice and humility, we are terrible, happy; there are so many emotions together, we didn’t even imagine, nor do we know where we were”, said Marisa this Tuesday morning; and she added: “We’re very nervous, but he’s not, it’s something that It’s in his bloodHe’s been playing since he was three, he doesn’t feel the pressure,” he revealed.

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chatting with radio with youthe mother of “Cachete” or the “German” as they nicknamed him when he started in the minor leagues of River, has revealed what she does in particular to keep her son from failing: “Every time he kicks a penalty, I do not watchit’s cabal and it never gets it wrong,” he credulously confirmed.

Finally, in the radio talk, Marisa dedicated an affectionate message to her 25-year-old son: “I love him, we love him so much and mom will always be with him“.

Gonzalo Montiel and effectiveness on penalties

From the neighborhood club of the city of Buenos Aires, El Tala de González Catán to kick the decisive penalty that defined the World Cup in Qatar.

Gonzalo Montiel grew up in his neighborhood of Virrey del Pino, in La Matanza, and at the age of 13 he decided to go to Primera de River to help his family and follow his dream.

Many were surprised by the effectiveness of the 12-pass right-back. But the question of sanctions It’s not new. In River’s Inferior League he was one of those in charge of kicking and he didn’t fail either.

Marcellus Gallardo It is he who gave him the responsibility in the First Division to prove his worth in executing a penalty.

In the 2020 Libertadores, the Millionaires were crooked on penalties. Many of the designates were missing and kickers weren’t plentiful.

So, against Uruguay’s Nacional, Gallardo made a surprising decision: “Gonzalo, shoot alone.” And Gonzalo went and kicked and put him inside. It wasn’t a coincidence: Dolly knew that the right-back kicked well, he proved it in all the mini-penalty tournaments in every training session.

Apart from that, Montiel was able to take five regular-time penalties for River between 2020 and 2021: turned five.

If you add up the ones he has shot throughout his career, including definitions on penalties, Cachete accumulates 10 shots from 12 passes, without making any mistakesor. It is unknown if Marisa’s cabal is what works. What is known is that Cachete is a “specialist” of the 12 steps.

Source: Clarin

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