“I don’t think I’m going to dinner…”, Alexis Mac Allister’s message to his mother, who is waiting for him with a barbecue and wants to go to La Pampa

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“He sent me a message and said ‘Mom, I don’t know if I’m coming to dinner…’ And yes, seeing that world of people, I don’t know what time he will arrive and how he is. Here a friend from the Pampas brought a goat and we will do it tonight,” Alexis Mac Allister’s mother Silvina told Radio Urbana Play.

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The round trip between mother and son took place this Tuesday in the early hours of the day, before the entire world champion team boarded the bus to tour the city in their caravans. In the family home they await the new idol of the Pampas, also named Illustrious Citizen of Santa Rosa by the local Deliberative Council as he celebrates surrounded by fans.

Another Pampan completes the roster of champions: he is the doctor Daniel Martínez, a former footballer, born in Winifreda, municipality located 50 kilometers north of Santa Rosa. And you too would be flattered by this distinction.

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Alexis was born in the capital Pampas on December 24, 1998. This week he will celebrate his 24th birthday. Although he has not played in clubs in the province, he has occasionally worn the jersey of Deportivo Mac Allister, the club founded by his father, Carlos Javier (ex Argentinos, Boca and Selección) and his uncle, Patricio, former striker of Estudiantes de La Plata and also of Bicho de La Paternal.

The Pampa man – who plays for Brighton in the English Premier League – joined the national team in 2019 and then was called up for the 2021 Japan Olympics. His European growth opened the doors to the Major but the big impact was in the World Cup.

After the first match, in the defeat against Saudi Arabia, he was part of Lionel Scaloni’s proposed substitute and entered the formation to play for Mexico. A goal against Poland and a very high level sealed his continuity. He closed the tournament with a great final and an assist for Ángel Di María, in the second goal against France.

Alexis’ identification with La Pampa stems from the roots of her two families, the Mac Allisters and the Rielas. ‘Colo’s career is more well-known, as he not only had his time in big football, but was also linked to politics, reaching a vice-national bench for Cambiemos.

His mother, Silvina Riela, is originally from Victorica, La Pampa. Also on that familial side is the footballing lineage. Alexis’ grandfather, “Pocho” Riela (d. 1996) was one of the best players of the 70s. He played for Racing de Castex and stood out in Cochicó’s club in Victorica.

The MacAllisters and the Rielas went to support Alexis in Qatar.

The draft order to declare Alexis a distinguished citizen was passed unanimously. In addition, they have already presented a project to the Chamber of Deputies of La Pampa to declare him an illustrious citizen of the province, but this process has more legislative steps.

The other world champion of the pampas is the doctor Daniel Martínez. He made his debut at the age of 15 in his first with Deportivo Winifreda, with the 10 on his back. Lui reached the lower ranks of Argentinos Juniors and after making his debut in the First Division, he joined the 1985 Copa Libertadores squad, but a knee injury frustrated his football career and pushed that of a doctor.

He retired before the age of 21. His former La Paternal DT, José Pekerman, took him to the youth team and later to the senior team.

From the environment of Mac Allister have confirmed clarion that Alexis’ idea is to go to Santa Rosa if only for a day, before flying to England, to visit her family and honor the distinction.

“He has a match on December 31, but the Brighton management has given him permission to stay in Argentina. He will leave early next week anyway,” Silvina, the mother of the 20th team, told this newspaper.

Source: Clarin

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