Messi rests in Rosario and there is anticipation for a possible tribute with Di María and Correa

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“Do you want to collect your awards? In the Argentine national team, awards are not collected. You are world champions who will remember them for life”, repeat over and over Oscar Ruggeri aired on ESPN, remembering what I told him Carlos Salvador Billardo to their coaches in the preview of the World Cup 86′. Y Rodrigo DePaul, In these hours he has published a post with that same sentence on his social networks. How right the doctor was.

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The recognition for the Narigón team, especially from those fans who lived the World Cup in Mexico, continues today and those of Scaloni are already starting to hear everything that has been talked about. It is estimated that more than 5 million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires to welcome the Qatar 2022 champions and many others have done so in different parts of the country.

After, Personalized receptions were held late on Tuesday evening. In Córdoba they cheered Paul Dybala with a massive act, similar to what they are supposed to do in Calchín Giuliano Alvarezwhile recent information indicates it Lautaro Martinez Y Germano Pezzella they will be declared illustrious citizens of Bahía Blanca. The same goes for Alexis MacAllisteralready crowned prodigal son of the province of La Pampa.

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And, of course, the tributes to Rosario could not be missing Lionel Messi Y Angel DiMaria, two albiceleste coats of arms which this Sunday have increased their legend and which are there to spend the holidays before returning to Europe.

The information indicates that, in case the Dieci and Tagliatella wanted it, the the municipal authorities of the city of Santa Fe will launch an act to culminate that result and at the height of these two great figures. The administrations of the Casa Gris, seat of the provincial government, and of the Municipality of Rosario are in constant dialogue with their families, waiting for them to accept or not all this mobilization.

Taking what was seen in Buenos Aires as a reference, with a security operation that was overwhelmed and forced the players to retire by helicopter, the province and the municipality are discussing so that PSG and the black and white crack can celebrate in peace with their people. In turn, Rosario is also expected to be present Angelo Correawho was able to reunite with his family after experiencing a World Cup that dropped him into the 26-man list at the last minute following the injury of a teammate.

Dibu saves Dybala

Paul Dybala He arrived last night at Córdoba International Airport on a private flight from Rosario, after dropping off Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María, and was greeted by a crowd.

La Joya didn’t get much participation during the World Cup, having added just 17 minutes in seven games for the national team, but he had the enormous responsibility of entering the final 120 minutes against France and kicking the second penalty of the definition, after Save by Dibu on Kingsley Coman’s shot.

“I was about to kick across, where Lloris jumped, but I remembered that in the series against Holland ‘Dibu’ said that goalkeepers always jump after making a mistake, then you had to kick hard in the center that doesn’t fail”, he recalled about the moments before the execution. And so it was. penalties.

After arriving in the capital Córdoba, the newcomer quickly got into a truck and, together with some of his friends, set off for his native Laguna Larga, located just over 60 kilometers to the southeast, where neighbors were anxiously waiting for him at another large reception.

Source: Clarin

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