They arrested a Racing bar that was on the run for a brutal beating of a partisan journalist

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Police arrested a man on Wednesday racetrack bar who was on the run after participating in a brutal beating of a partisan journalist in April 2019, who suffered a quadruple fracture of the jaw and nearly lost the vision in one eye. For the crime there are three bars that were sentenced last May, two of which with sentences of effective respect.

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As reported by police spokesmen to the news agency telamThe arrested man has been identified as Hector Ariel Otero, known as “Majin Buu”, 36 years old. He was captured at the corner of Estanislao Zeballos and Sarmiento streets, in Avellaneda, by members of the Operational Tactical Group (GTO) of the 1st police station. and the patrol command of that jurisdiction.

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Otero had an arrest warrant at the request of the Court of Guarantee 10 of Lomas de Zamora, for the attempted murder of Sebastián Acosta, who had denounced the “criminal activities” carried out by the Imperial Guard.

Last May, the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 1 of Avellaneda – Lanús sentenced By David Repetto (35) and Federico Di Meglio (32) as co-authors of the crime of “aggravated serious injuries, from the premeditated concurrence of three or more people”. The former received five and a half years’ imprisonment, while the latter three years and two months.

In addition, Nahuel Ríos, alias “Nanu”, received two years and four months in prison with a suspended sentence for the crime of “carrying a weapon of war without adequate legal authorization”.

The brutal beating of the bars of Racing on a partisan journalist

Judges Ignacio Etchepare, Martín Javier Pizzolo and Alejandro Rull ruled that the event occurred on April 29, 2019when Acosta with his partner was leaving the radio studio where he broadcast the “Racing 22” program, located on French Street at 600 Avellaneda.

The journalist was approached on the streets by Marconi and Francesi Otero, Repetto and Di Meglioall known members of the brave bar of Racing, called The Imperial Guard.

The attackers attacked “Acosta through punches and kicks“and once on the floor they used” the motorcycle helmet that the victim was wearing, to hit the head and abdomen, at a time when it was visibly unconscious“.

“As a result of that action, they have caused various injuries, such as jaw fracture, multiple trauma to different parts of the body and loss of consciousnessinjuries qualified as serious from a legal medical point of view,” said Judge Pizzolo.

In the ruling, the Court took into account several journalistic notes which ensured that “some of Acosta’s comments did not sit well” with members of the Imperial Guardwho by now had already had “meetings” with “Los Racing Stones”, a faction of which Acosta was a part.

This case recalled the crime of the journalist in favor of Racing Nicolás Pacheco, committed in January 2013 at the headquarters of the Villa del Parque neighborhood of Buenos Aires, for which Juan Carlos Rodríguez (32), alias “El Turu”; Armando Rulet (38), aka “The Boxer”; and Aníbal Domínguez Butler (66), aka “Vaquero”, were sentenced in 2016 to 12 years in prison.

Source: Clarin

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