The thousand and one coincidences that anticipated the consecration of the Argentine national team at the World Cup in Qatar

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Many are convinced that there were several of them signs of fate which anticipated the inevitable consecration as champion of the national team at the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Others, the more skeptical, reject any illogical explanation and have no doubts that they were mere coincidences. The truth is that these similarities exist. and there are many They invite you to play with the idea that Argentina’s path to the World Cup was scripted just like the best Hollywood movies.

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Impossible to find the origin of that obsession that the Argentines had to look for in the 1978 and 1986 World Cups premonitory images and repeating patterns in this latest edition.

The truth is that, little by little, this has become one of the activities that has garnered the most followers on social networks. Coincidences began to appear from loads. Some too forced, some like that Amazing which prompted speculation that Lionel Messi’s coronation was a given. “I choose to believe” was the phrase that, like Eureka, accompanied each find.

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It wasn’t the first, but it was one of those that gave the most hope: The photo of Maradona in full celebration at the Azteca. The Ten appears on the shoulders of a fan. In his right hand he holds the cup he just won. His left hand points to the sky and that thumb points to one of the flags of the FIFA member countries hanging from the roof of the stadium. Yes, the Qatari one. A spoiler for what was to come 36 years later.

Diego also starred in another of the most surprising omens. In a section of a 2004 interview with him on the Mar de Fondo program, the zócalo says: “Our end of year gift”. Behind Maradona there is a painting that has a date: 18 – DECthe same in which it was disputed the end between the national team and France.

Another similarity had to do with the transfer market for Paris Saint Germain. Ronaldinho joined the French club in 2001 and won World Cups in Korea and Japan with the Brazilian team the following year; Kylian Mbappé arrived there in 2017 and became world champion in Russia in 2018; Messi signed a contract with the Parisian team in 2021 and… the story is known.

Moreover, in Qatar, several scenarios that happened in Mexico in 1986 were repeated: the only shares of Canada They were in those World Cups, Brazil was eliminated in the quarterfinals on penalties, a Cordovan wore the Argentine’s number 9 shirt (Cucciufo and Julián Álvarez) and Morocco moved from the instance in group F e defeated Portugal in both editions.

When it was confirmed that Szymon Marciniak wanted the referee Two other coincidences arose from the definition between Argentina and France. French defender Raphael Varane had lost just one of 14 finals in his career. He was in the European Super Cup 2018 against Atlético de Madrid. The referee? Marciniak, who curiously has a birthday on January 7, the same day compared to the Brazilian Romualdo Arppi Filowho did justice in the 1986 final against Germany.

Another coincidence: the only time Qatar hosted a World Cup was there Under 20 from 1995when Argentina lost the first game from Group C (0-1 against Portugal) to then beat Brazil, reigning champion since 1993, in the final. In 2022, the albiceleste falls on his debut against Saudi Arabia, still in Group C, and plays for the title against France, champions of the previous edition.

The need to find similarities, as if this served the national team, has also led to comparison mustache of the dictator Jorge Rafael Videla and of the presidents Raúl Alfonsín and Alberto Fernández, the three in command of the Executive – the first, de facto – in Argentina at the time of each World Cup.

The omen of the 5 of Cups: Messi, Maradona and the tarot

The mystique surrounding the 5 of cups was born from the anecdote told by the players of the Argentine national team in the documentary Sean Eternos, which shows the team’s journey to become champions of the America’s Cup 2021.

At one of the rallies, some started playing a game. The tagline was simple: pull cards from the Spanish deck and try to guess which one would come out. If they succeeded in a maximum of ten attempts, it meant they would win the cup.. Papu Gómez guessed the width of the saddlebag, then Di María did it with the six of the saddlebag and Otamendi, with the seven of the sword.

Therefore, it was Messi’s turn. He was right at the last attempt, with the 5 of cups. It didn’t bode well: Leo had already lost four finals with the national team: Copa América Venezuela 2007, World Cup in Brazil 2014, Copa América in Chile 2015 and Copa América in the United States 2016. Was a fifth cup missing from the hands?

Finally, Argentina was crowned in the Maracana. Papu and Otamendi tattooed the letter they guessed, while Messi promised he would do the same. Soon after, the documentary came out and fans viralized that particular story. The letter was resigned. It no longer represented the four titles Messi lost, but the four won: Sub 20 World Cup, Gold at the Olympic Games, Copa América 2021 and Final. He was missing the fifth, in his fifth World Cup.

The figure of Maradona has found a way to slip into that omen and to enhance its mysticism. If you search Google for photos of Diego does the trickin the first to appear You see a couple of cards on the table. Among these, the 5 of cups.

There is yet another sign and it has to do with what does the 5 of cups look like in the tarot deck. It is a man wrapped in a black cloak, very similar to the tunic that the Emir of Qatar put on Messi before handing him the World Cup.

“Until he turns around, until he finally gets rid of the losses of the past, the man will not be able to see the cups behind him. Only then will he be able to move forward”. This is the description of the 5 of Cups in the book. Tarot, the mirror of lifeby Mario Montano.

Among the three interpretations offered by the author, one fits perfectly: “Closing accounts with the past”. Believe or burst… with joy to be champions.


Source: Clarin

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