The controversy continues: anger in France by a minister for the “racist insults” of Argentines on his Instagram

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To the sadness of losing the World Cup against Argentina, in France now anger against the albicelesti is beginning to growespecially towards their fans. With social networks promoting immediacy and erasing borders, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has expressed his indignation at a cascade of ‘racist’ messages coming this way and even called on FIFA to intervene.

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Le Maire had argued Thursday afternoon, in a radio interview. There was He calls on FIFA to investigate the “undignified” insults. dismissed by the Argentine footballers against “les Bleus”.

“They are unworthy insults, and what FIFA does? Sport is a matter of fair play and to show respect for others, show respect for losers as well,” La Maire said.

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Following these statements, his Instagram account began receiving comments from Argentine fans attacking the minister, many of them have a markedly racist tone.

Most refer to the accumulation of players of African descent, a product of France’s colonial past.. They also sing lines from a court song (clearly racist) which went viral among some Argentinian fans in the preview of the Cup.

That is why Le Maire took a screenshot of these messages and posted on his Twitter account a request for FIFA to intervene here as well.

“What a pity! Here are the racist comments of several Argentine fans on my Instagram account since I condemned his actions and called on FIFA to take action” Le Maire wrote on his Twitter account.

“This violence has no place in sport as elsewhere,” he added.

He is not the first Frenchman to complain. The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graet, has complained in a letter to Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia about the “abnormal” teasing of the Albiceleste players towards Kylian Mbappé during the celebrations for the victory at the World Cup in Qatar.

In an interview published this Friday by the Ouest-France newspaper, Le Graet stresses that he has written a letter to the president of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA), Claudio Tapia, because he finds “that these excesses are abnormal in the context of a sporting competition” and not he can “understand them.

After finishing the game, Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez mocked in the locker room, demanding “a minute’s silence” for Mbappé and during the parade in Buenos Aires he carried a doll with a picture of the French star on his face. These images also caused a lot of anger in France. More when the goalkeeper said the French Aurélien Tchouaméni “cards everything” before pulling off one of the shootout penalties.

In addition to Le Graët, defender Adil Rami, who was part of the squad of the French team that won the 2018 World Cup in Russia, accused everything against the goalkeeper through his Instagram account: “It’s the biggest shit in football. The most hated man.”

Rami had a complaint in 2019 from his ex-partner, Pamela Anderson, who claimed he was a “monster, sociopath and narcissist” that he led a double life and that he broke her hands when they separated.

Even the fans continue to protest. A campaign is going viral on social media in which they ask to “replay the final” on the basis of a couple of arbitration awards that they consider incorrect. So far they have gathered 200 thousand adherents, which they would not be enough to get the cup out of Argentina.

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Source: Clarin

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