Yanina Latorre’s World Cup: Argentina champions and the conclusion of an unforgettable journey that we share together

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We are world champions! What a joy, what a pleasure. How much it cost us to get there, although I think suffering is greater joy and celebration. What a crazy match against France. I told them it would be a one-on-one meeting and it seems Yanina was right, uh… Because everything revolved around Messi and Mbappé. Oh, Mbappé … when he made it 2-2, I cried. The only thing I thought about was my children, who were on the pitch. Luckily it was ours.

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Oh Dibu, how I love you! That last minute save, once again on penalties… I swear, I was on my knees at home saving with him. We had 26 heroes who were players, but I want to highlight Scaloni, who a couple of years ago was a guy withstood and beaten. How disrespectful the journalists who ignored him and asked him to lose the national team to get him kicked out. How are you gonna ask that, love? Scaloni has put together a barbaric group of people, nothing exceptional, who don’t believe they are more than players and make the most of each other. We had an identity of Argentine football, that of potrero. Super deserved.

I also want to name someone who is rarely mentioned: menotti, who for my husband Diego is the genius of Argentine football. I too am a Menoptist, between now and my death. Why, who was it that chose him and financed Scaloni? Menotti. So César, you were a champion in 1978 and you are again now, this title is yours too.

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I liked that after the final the relatives at the field, they were able to hug each other, the boys played football with each other. The image of Messi taking pictures of Antonela with the children and the Cup seemed sensational, beautiful. They were the engine of all this, Leo said at one of the conferences. I’m a former player’s wife and you feel part of the triumph, so that felt great.

Talk to Jorgelinathe woman of you say maria. I love her and she was very pleased when she said she wrote down the names of journalists who spoke ill of her husband. El Noodle showed his worth in the final, what a beautiful goal. She said something wonderful to me: “I’m having a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.” And I think that shows everything we’re going through. My husband hasn’t played in any World Cup but he has won the Copa América. And when I scored a goal I started crying.

I also enjoyed seeing players partying and drinking fernet on the bus, it humanizes them. They are stars but they are also very humble and close to people. You see them in their towns, in their cities, they are happy because they have made history and deserve everyone’s love. Of MessiWhat a relief you must have. For me it was already better than Maradona, I’m sorry if someone disturbs. But the boy was under pressure to win the World Cup to be No. 1, and he was lucky because luck exists in football. This is about “win it all and be 1”, this is how Vilas and Reutemann suffered. Even the Cup ends with that silly and meaningless debate. Wait for Messi.

Well, and now I have to say goodbye because the World Cup is over and of course this is my last column with “Yanina’s World”. I don’t want to cry (because I’m bad but I cry). I want to say something, I dedicate it with a little kiss on the forehead to all those who have told me “And what will he do in it clarionif you can’t talk”. I’ve shown them I can, had a lot of fun, and had a lot of godly comments, across all platforms. I am proud and will carry this experience forever in my heart.

Finally, I want to clarify that everything I know about football I owe to my husband, who was a top footballer and is now a commentator. I got married very young and I always accompanied him, I loved everything he did and every goal. Football has marked my life. The player brings about something that is almost orgasmic, that excites. That’s why I suffered when Diego left him. Only now with this unforgettable World Cup and our column have I been able to rediscover all of this in a happier way. Thank you for that, and I hope we will meet again. Will it be at the 2026 World Cup? Come on Argentina! Cheers, champions!

Source: Clarin

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