The madness for Messi does not subside: his room at the University of Qatar will become a mini museum

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The selection took place at the Qatar National University for one month. His time in Doha will no doubt leave a lasting impression on each and every Argentinean, and now Qatari, fan as well. While the team prepared under Lionel Scaloni’s orders to conquer the world, Lionel Messi was staying in room B201 of the complex. And that piece will be protected forever.

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It is that, through his Twitter account, the authorities of the house of studies announced it the room that hosted Messi will become nothing less than a sort of miniature museum. Without providing too many details, it is clear that the University of Qatar will keep the room that Rosario’s star occupied, where he dreamed of the magical plays he would then draw on the pitches.

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The study house has limited itself to publishing only a few photographs of the door to Leo’s room, without revealing what is inside the room. Furthermore, a short video has been published which provides a visit from inside the Argentine concentration camp, showing some of the amenities that accompanied the delegation on this trip, and cataloging the particular area of ​​the complex as “the residence of heroes”. .

This clipping, published by The Peninsula Qatar, was accompanied by the following words: “Here’s a quick tour of La Albiceleste base camp at Qatar University! The room where Argentinian captain Lionel Messi stayed during the World Cup will soon become a mini museum too!”. Now, it remains to wait for more details on this new tribute to the captain of the Argentine national team.

The home of the Argentina national team

To play in the World Cup, the Argentina national team had to move to one of the most complete complexes in Doha. The site chosen by the Argentine leaders was the Qatar University, a first-class institution located just minutes from Doha airport. This venue had been under consideration for several months, but confirmation arrived in early April, hand in hand with the World Cup draw.

The university campus is located 20 kilometers from Doha International Airport, where the Argentine players arrived in November, awaiting their debut which will only take place on the 22nd of that month, against Saudi Arabia. And just as the sports complex is close to the airport, we can also mention its proximity to the Lusail stadium, where the final was played.

The University is one of the most prestigious on the Asian continent and has also made several important investments dedicated to sport. Various sports can be practiced on the campus, such as football, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, swimming, water polo and squash, among others. To better accommodate the national team, the campus has also been renovated to meet the requests of the Argentine delegation.

The complex consists of over 25,000 square meters and is conditioned with state-of-the-art technology. The property also has 30 sports fields that can be adapted to practice different sports, as well as two Olympic swimming pools that are part of an aquatic complex completed by sauna and whirlpool areas.

Campus Training Ground 3 also has two football pitches with artificial lighting for night training which is very common in Qatar taking into account the high temperatures that were handled during the day. Also located within the complex is a football stadium with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, which will be expanded next year to be one of the venues for the Asia Cup 2027. The teams of the Netherlands and Spain have also trained here.

From these works which will take place next year, the Qatar University Stadium will accommodate up to 22,400 spectators. While FIFA made changes to this and the 40 other venues set up for those selected for the base, the AFA also did the same. The Argentine Football Federation has made an investment in the complex, such as at the 2018 World Cup, when the Argentine delegation made several installations in the Bronnitsy complex.

Source: Clarin

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