Riquelme launched his group “Soy Bostero”, sang with fans and called to win the election again in 2023

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2023 will be a political year. Nationwide and also in Mouthwho will have elections in December after the first four years of management with the figure of Juan Roman Riquelme as vice president and head of pro football, with Olympic laps piling up and youth projects catching on. Thus began the election season, with the former footballer without distractions and without giving time for speculation. And he flexed his popular muscles at a year-end event that brought together some 10,000 members in attendance at the launch of “I am Bostero”the new group with which he intends to stay at the club until at least 2027.

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On the beach, with the candy box In the background, the meeting with fans, employees and partners exponentially exceeded the number of participants at the end of 2021 with Riquelme taking the floor, microphone in hand, on stage. A scene that many have taken as the first conclusion of something that the vice president himself is tired of expressing in his public appearances: “We want to stay in the club for many years”. That’s why the 2022 shutdown hasn’t been new in the same way, albeit with many more in attendance.

Roman He took to the stage after 9.30pm., wearing a white tracksuit with the Boca shield, and did so accompanied by Ameal. Obviously, the great ovation of the evening was dedicated to the idol. “It’s true, Riquelme is from Boca and will not leave Boca,” added Ameal, who took the microphone and was in charge of introducing an event called “12 reasons to celebrate” and broadcast on YouTube through the club’s channel.

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The Xeneize president took stock of the management, pondering the titles (“Out of seven championships we won five”) and recalling all the goals that the management has also had in amateur football, “with thirty kids making their debut”, according to the his words. He also highlighted the work in the Bombonera, acknowledging that the pending bill is to expand it: “We work on it every day,” said Ameal.

“But the most important thing here is Román,” Ameal finally said, to give the floor to 10.

“Many years ago I told you that you are all mad, and it is true that you are all mad,” Riquelme began, recalling an old phrase of his to describe the love of the fans.

“I live like you, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the bosteros happy. This is what fills my heart. Three years ago I returned home, thanks to all of you. In a year we will have elections again. I have told them three years before we had to be 40,000 to win and next year we will have to be 45, 50 or 60,000, and I have no doubt that we will be,” said Román, with the tone and cadence that characterizes him.

And he continued: “I’m very happy because we’re back to being a football team. I became a Boca fan because of my father, I dreamed of playing for the Bombonera and three years ago the Bombonera was once again the most beautiful stadium of all.” “. . Which is thanks to you, for the support you give to our team.”

Without naming her, Román also seems to dedicate a message to the barrabrava when he thanks “how well those behind the goal are behaving”.

“This year has been very good, we have won the two tournaments we have won and we have an impressive team that just wants to compete. Today the guys are back to the preseason and hopefully next year will be the same as this one.” We are the best team in the country until December 31st and hopefully next year we can do it again. We trust in the players and in all of you, that every match at our home makes us feel stronger,” she said later, way of closing.

“This is your home, I’m happy to be by your side, I hope we can continue for many years,” said Román, without announcements but with a small pearl for farewell.

Is that he took the microphone to sing that “the Copa Libertadores is my obsession”, and then asked for one last song, the one that says “I’m a bostero, it’s a feeling, I can’t stop…”. And Román smiled and waved a shirt. Yes, “I am Bostero”, like the group promising four more years of Román at Brandsen 805.

Riquelme driving

It is known that Riquelme will compete in the polls in December from the moment he set foot in the club, back in December 2019, under the structure he had armed Jorge Ameal Y Mario Pergolini. And after years of internal constructions, won spaces and other battles, he has also gained strength in other areas. He has weaved alliances, he has amassed strength in every part of the Boca Predio (Reserve or Senior) thousands of members participated: while others were distracted and discussed whether it was right like this Hugh Ibarra played while the tournament leader played on TV, 2023 was already in Riquelme’s head.

It was not the time to announce formal formulas or to warn occasional rivals of the moment, even if behind the scenes of the Boca Predio de Ezeiza bunker it is known that the elections will be permeated by the national dispute. Andres Ibarra it is the dolphin that put Macri fight to recover the power lost in 2019 and Jorge Reale, businessman from Mendoza, has positioned himself as an opposition player alongside Daniele Angelici.

Perhaps for this reason Riquelme’s only political presences have been with the entire national political arc in general: from Alfredo Cornejo to Coti Nosiglia, passing through Gustavo Sáenz of Salta or his affinities with Sergio Massa. He is looking for no other political color other than blue and yellow, which is why every time he bursts into the microphone he repeats that Boca “is back to being a football club and not a club to be used in politics”, in a flash directed to Macri.

The grouping “I am Bostero” which has been the hub of the organization since August has already brought together more than 10,000 people and guarantees to be discussed in a so-called vote meeting. Something that many have observed as a gesture of political growth inside the doors but also towards the outside. It is only a formal structure: if he is not under his own group, Riquelme can still have the support of all those pro-government or opposition members. The fact is that there are no minorities in Boca: once a list wins, all the groups that cheer join the club. That is why in the act/toast there were the flags of “Nuevo Boca” (the group led for years by Roberto Digón) and “Juntos por Boca”, led by Ricardo Rosica, current general secretary and a man close to Riquelme.

It has neither been resolved, nor will it be any time soon, what place Riquelme will occupy on the next list. President? Vice again out of the formula? This has only been agreed in the last month, although the bargaining power of surnames will now be different. The election year has begun. Riquelme moved the ball.

Source: Clarin

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