Who is he and what did Aaron Judge get to be chosen as “athlete of the year” in the United States, instead of Messi

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Aaron James Judge was born in Linden, California on April 26, 1992 and was adopted the next day by Patty and Wayne. When he was 10 years old, his parents confirmed his suspicion. “I Knew I Wasn’t Like Them”recently told the 30-year-old man, a baseball star and who was chosen as “athlete of the year” in the United States over the Lionel Messi World Champion.

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The selection was made by the magazine Time A few weeks ago, when the World Cup was still being played in Qatar, won by Argentina against France on 18 December, in the most beautiful final in history, defined only on penalties after a 2-2 draw in regular time and a 3-3 draw .

In a year full of memorable athletic successes -Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to another NBA title, Serena Williams and Roger Federer took their last bow to tennis, World Cup wizards scored goals in Qatar – none have been more important than Judge’s,” noted the magazine.

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As Time reviewed in the article where he announced who ruled a new American League record for home runs (62) like the winner, “sports fans value individual records and no game values ​​their numbers more than the national pastime.”

The previous record belonged to another legend, the late Roger Maris, and watch out for the coincidence of the numbers: it was 61 home runs, it was recorded in 1961 and it took 61 years to break. Things of Destiny.

“Many fans and pundits even consider Judge the ‘true’ single-season home run champion, as every National League player who has hit more than Judge – Barry Bonds (73 in 2001), Mark McGwire (70 in 1998, 65 in 1999) and Sammy Sosa (66 in 1998, 64 in 2001, 63 in 1999) – they did it under the shadow of suspicion of steroids,” they justified.

Prior to receiving this award, Judge became a free agent on November 6, which generated offseason hype. “When I was young and got into the game, all kids talked about was: “Hey wait till you become a free agent”. You can make your own decision, start a legacy somewhere, start something new somewhere. I can’t wait to follow the whole process, man. It will be special,” he told Time.

Last week, after flirting with various teams who courted him and reportedly made better offers, last season’s MVP agreed to continue with the Yankees. In addition to being its captain, the Californian has established himself a contract of 360 million dollars for nine years.

In that deal, he got $146.5 million more and two more seasons than the offer the team made to him before starting the season of $213.5 million to stay between 2023 and 2029.

“It is an honor”

In unveiling his new relationship with the New York Yankees, the baseball player said he was both proud and honored. “To have the opportunity to continue my legacy here in pinstripes, in the best city in the world, the best baseball city, in front of the best fans, is an incredible honor,” he said at Yankee Stadium.

“We have come to a decision in our hearts that we belong in New York. We belong in this city. There is a lot of unfinished business here,” the judge explained of New York’s decision. he remains with the team that saw him reach the major leagues in 2016 and become one of the leading figures in MLB.

At the press conference, team president Hal Steinbrenner announced Judge as the 16th captain in franchise history. “It’s such an incredible honor,” said the athlete, who revealed that in negotiations for his new deal with the team, Steinbrenner offered him the captaincy.

Judge came off a historic season, in which he hit 62 home runs, becoming the all-time leader in home runs in a season in the American League and thus the all-time leading home run in a season for the New York team.

On the versions of a possible purchase with the Giantsthe Californian dissociated himself: “I was on the run, so I was excluded from everything that was happening around me. “I have the opportunity to continue something in which the Yankees are strong, which is to have a legacy,” he stressed.

Economically, meanwhile, Aaron Judge was ranked sixth out of the 10 most valuable contracts in sportsseven of which were signed by Major League Baseball players and teams.

However, it belongs to the greatest contract of all time Lionel Messi, when he signed a four-year, $674 million deal with Barcelona. In this 2022, despite Time not valuing it in that way, the Rosario closed an unforgettable season for to be regarded by the rest of the world as the best athlete of the year.

Source: Clarin

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