An English football legend made fun of Cristiano Ronaldo and used Messi as an argument: ‘It’s a sad ending’

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold. And that seems to be the case. at least for Jamie Carragherthe legend of Liverpoolthat he waited and waited and finally had the opportunity to collect the outstanding bill he had with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Is that the former footballer, now a television analyst, was left very out of focus after the Portuguese left him with his hand in the air in the preview of a match in an image that went viral on the networks. And now, with Monday’s newspaper, he has seized the opportunity and struck hard and cleanly at the newest Al Nassr reinforcement from Saudi Arabia.

What did Carragher do? He compared the end of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career to that of Lionel Messi and highlighted the stark differences in how the two greats who have dominated the world football scene for the last 15 years are retiring.

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“It’s a sad end for Cristiano, isn’t it? Ronaldo wraps up his career with an interview with Piers Morgan as Messi wins the World Cup. Not the best way out‘ Carragher said on Friday Night Football.

So Carragher lashed out at the Portuguese, who has just accepted a luxurious retreat in Saudi Arabia’s modest and million-dollar football club, and has just walked through the small door of the Premier League.

The former midfielder told CR7 that his departure from Manchester United was tarnished after the explosive interview with British TV’s top journalist Morgan, in which he denounced feeling betrayed by the Old Trafford club and questioned the authority of Dutch coach Erik Have Hag.

They tell me that Al Nassr’s offer to Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing. Perhaps the club he wanted in Europe didn’t enter for him and this was his option. It’s sad that we probably saw the last Ronaldo play at the highest level.“, complained Carragher who is 44 and has played his entire career for Liverpool.

And he closed: “I think we could have continued to see Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. It had to end, it had to be closed before the World Cup. In the end it was something inevitable”.

Source: Clarin

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