Juanfer Quintero flirts with a Brazilian club: “It’s a great team”

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There are few players who are born with the gift of playing football, who exude magic despite not being in their best shape or shooting best. When a star touches the ball, he has a different essence, as if his body is one second ahead of the others. At the South American level, Juanfer Quintero He was one of those footballers, who has done incredible things over the years, and is about to take a new step in his career.

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After his relationship with River, the Colombian is a free agent, so he has the right to sign with any club he wants. Flamengo, the current Copa Libertadores champions, have shown interest in signing the Colombian in recent days, to which the Colombian replied with another wink: “It’s a great team, I know what it represents at a South American and world level. I hope God allows it and it’s good for everyone“.

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Juanfer’s nod to Fla

Juanfer could represent a luxury reinforcement for the newcomer’s team Victor Pereirathe key equation will be in the health of the footballer who has had little recovery in his last phase with Rivergoing to play most of the time from the bench Gallant. A possible reinforcement of good caliber for Brazilian football, which has welcomed another more important player Luis Suarez which set the record for sold t-shirts.

For now, Marcos Braz, vice president of Flamengo, spoke of Juanfer in the midst of the presentation of Gerson, the midfielder returning from Marseille, and expressed that, beyond the interests, for the moment there are no open negotiations.

Juanfer de River’s farewell

Through a post on his networks, the Colombian has decided to say goodbye to the millionaire. “Don’t try to figure it out! I’ve always been happy at River. Whatever people say, I just have to thank the world of River. Here you have a fan for life! Thank you and Happy New Year everyone,” he wrote on Twitter. 10.

Source: Clarin

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