They have confirmed that Uruguayan footballer Diego García will go on trial for sexual abuse

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The Chamber of Appeal of La Plata confirmed this Friday the adjudication of the case involving the Uruguayan footballer Diego Garcíaaccused of sexual abuse of a young woman in February 2021.

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The defense of the former player of students of La Plata and current of Emelec of Ecuador had requested its dismissal, but the Chamber of Appeals and Guarantees of La Plata rejected the request. In this way the elevation of the file to the oral hearing was decided.

As confirmed to the news agency telam by the female complainant’s team of lawyers, the parties must now file the definitive evidence and from there the date of the oral and public trial will be set, which will take place at the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 5.

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Last June, the Guarantee Judge Pablo Raele had rejected the proposals of the defense on the requests for nullity and acquittal of the accused, and raised the file to be discussed in the trial for the crime of “sexual abuse with carnal access“to a young woman.

In his decision, Judge Raele answered each of the arguments of annulment of the defense appointed by the lawyer Diego Hernán Bandin, at the same time ruled out the dismissal and recalled that the case must be analyzed “from a gender perspective”.

At the moment, The students immediately activated their gender protocols: He separated the player from the team until a request from his lawyer stating that “the right to work could not be prevented” brought him back into training. However, he never played again.

He first loaned him to Talleres and then to the Board of Trustees, where fans strongly opposed his arrival.

In July 2022, the Pincha decided end “by mutual agreement” the link that García had with the institution until June 2023. Since then, the player has been part of the Emelec squad.

The fact for which Diego García is accused

The fact that led to the complaint against García occurred in a farmhouse in the El Rodeo district, in the municipality of Abasto, La Plata district, the February 24, 2021. Some of García’s colleagues on the Estudiantes campus and several girls were present.

Soon after, Clara Bulaccioa young woman who played field hockey at the Pincha, accused him in court of sexual abuse with carnal access. None of the others present that day were affected by the complaint, even though they had to give witness statements.

With information from Telam.

Source: Clarin

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