Boca prefer foreigners: what are the priorities for the central scorer and for the clubs that “watch” young players from Europe

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With still a long month of transfer market ahead (and with the Libertadores Cup only in April) in Mouth They continue to analyze the alternatives to incorporate the central markers. A priority that had been set by the injury of red frames and that from the cessation of Charles Zambrano (which was already announced as a reinforcement of Alianza Lima in Peru), in addition to the nationalization of Jorman Campuzano, found many more options to choose from in the foreign quota. That’s why there’s no rush to fix it right away, although there is an agreement between the Football Council and the coaching staff that one or two players are needed in that position. Even beyond the correct performance of Agustín Sandez.

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The landscape at South American level is wide. In addition to the Colombian Guglielmo Tesillo (has the same representative as Exequiel Zeballos) and the Paraguayan Alessio Duarte (a young man from Cerro Porteño) were offered the Peruvians Luis Abram (formerly Velez) e Alexander Callens (national team player) among other players in the region. They are all monitored and analyzed behind closed doors, despite the alternative of Luca Merolla continues on the table along with that of Nazarene Columbussurnames known and who are also in competition pace in Hurricane and Defense and Justice.

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But Mouthwith available space, I prefer to choose abroad first to then accelerate in other positions that he manages to add even in this break: the attack. Can a foreign attacker enter? At the club they first wait for Tigre to execute his buy option for Mateo Retegui (there was talks with Hugo Ibarra but from Victoria they insist they will buy half of his pass) and then move the chips.

While, from Europe the polls of several players continue. Not so much for this break as to start negotiations for what will be the transfer market in June, in which young Argentines will be sought after the presentation of the national team at the World Cup.

From Spain it should be noted that Luca Langoni is in the orbit of various teamsin addition to Cristian Medina (Villarreal had already looked for him at another time and now there are polls from Italy for him) and Leandro Brey, followed by the Premier League.

The goalkeeper, who has already made his club debut for the Copa Libertadores, will play minutes against Everton and the club’s idea is that he can participate in some of this year’s competitions so that he can win contact in the First Division. With 20 years and four more seasons of bonding, His great performance in the champion team led by Mariano Herrón led him to capture the attention of scouts from several clubs in England, attentive to the movements in a position in which Emiliano Dibu Martínez has shown he can be trusted. The great movement of goalkeepers in Europe is also a reality: Rulli emigrated to Ajax, Walter Benítez shines at PSV, Jeremías Ledesma is a regular at Cadiz, Marchesín at Celta and Musso at Atalanta. For this Brey’s name has already been planned and in Boca they believe they will try to secure a priority signing when the goalkeeper jumps into the first team.

Zambrano was announced at Alianza Lima in Peru

Source: Clarin

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