Chatruc’s luxurious vacation: soccer with Tinelli, karaoke with a federal judge and how much he paid for the most expensive dinner of his life

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One could say that José Chatruc is having a dream vacation on the exclusive beaches of Punta del Este. Pepe frequents the jet set: he plays soccer at Guanahuani, Marcelo Tinelli’s farm with access to the sea, paddle tennis with Nacho Viale, Mirtha Legrand’s nephew, and meets friends for dinner in the city’s chicest restaurants. . But of course, the good life comes through clear. And the former Racing and San Lorenzo have done more harm than necessary.

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chatruc, a former professional soccer player and now dedicated to his journalistic work, enjoys his holidays in Uruguay with his father. This Monday he interrupted his break to talk to MP 910, the program he is part of on radio La Red to tell how he is experiencing this break in Uruguay. And, well in his role as a journalist, during his story he was horrified for a reason that many tourists suffer: the cost of living in PDE.

One of the nights he rested in Punta, Chatruc went out to eat in a restaurant with two friends. After dinner, where they chose sushi As a main course and wine shared between the three, they received the value of the bill that had been generated, which caused astonishment.

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“A good wine was worth it 150 bucks. We didn’t go for that,” she began, giving an indication of what would later be an outrageous price.

“Elon Musk walked by and said ‘how expensive! 215 thousand pesos“Said Chatruc, who later revealed that the owner of the club decided to give him a generous discount:” When they saw my face

Continuing with his experience in Punta del Este, he mentioned the products of daily use. “A liter of milk 1100 pesos. I tell him ‘Dad, this latte makes your bones of steel directly,’ said José, who shares a family apartment with his father.

Aware of the high value of the products, he admitted that many friends who are also on vacation in that tourist resort bring products from Argentina to make each family’s pockets a little more flexible.

In addition to the amazement shown by the former footballer of Racing, San Lorenzo, Estudiantes, Platense, Quilmes, Tiro Federal and Club Mercedes, he said he enjoys the afternoons playing football, with colleagues such as the TV host Marcelo Hugo Tinelli and Sebastian Vignoloamong others, and also paddle tennis with Nacho Viale.

“I take this opportunity to send a greeting to Marcelo Hugo Tinelli, who invited me to play football. The second day I arrived I already had football, we went to his house”, he began by describing his arrival at the home of Tinelli, who admitted that “he’s very cute” and where they were filming a reality show with his family.

“There was a definition in penalties. I did everything like Messi… but like against Poland. I lost it. Penalties are not for me”, explained the former midfielder. In the match, which ended in a tight 7-7 on the board, they played comedian Martín Bossi, Marcelo Tinelli, among others.

The next day, he had a better day for sports. “We played paddle tennis and we lost categorically with Nacho Viale and we also played football again, where we beat the team of Pollo Vignolo and Manusovich 5-1with three of my goals” Chatruc said.

Despite the disgust of paying fools for a dinner and the defeat in paddle tennis, Pepper will continue on Uruguayan soil to enjoy the holidays. You already have a private invitation for this Monday evening: Daniel Rafecaswell-known lawyer and federal judge, invited the former Racing player to participate in a karaoke in the city.

You know that Mr. Rafecas sings very well in English“, said José. “It’s wrong for me to say it, he will sue me,” said Pepe, who is enjoying his holidays in Punta del Este amidst disappointments.

Source: Clarin

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