‘Dad, I travel with that money’: Teo Gutiérrez sold a lottery for a Messi shirt and kept the prize

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Theo has done it again. After crossing Argentina, you know the name of Teofilo Gutiérrez He can make headlines for two situations: for his great goals or for some scandal. The most remembered occurred the day the Colombian striker He took out a revolver in the Racing dressing room, after falling in the classic with Independiente, which decreed the end of his career in Avellaneda. The last one? The player organized the draw for Messi’s shirt to help a group of underprivileged children. The cost of the lottery was 20,000 Colombians, approximately 1,400 Argentine pesos.

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“It’s a shirt that Messi gave me and now I have the opportunity for people to win it, to enter a lottery for 20,000 pesos (1,400 Argentine pesos), so they can provide poor children with a toy and it’s a shirt that It’s signed. There’s a friend who told me it’s worth 100,000 dollars, I didn’t want to sell it, and the idea is that people earn it and they can be happy, and give their children a gift,” said the forward .

“That shirt was from Chile in the Copa América, I asked Messi for a greeting for my son and he was kind enough to give it to me. It’s a humble gift so people can be with it and enjoy a nice Christmas,” he recounted about the jacket’s origin.

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Up to there, all good. But, what seemed like a good gesture, ended up in controversy. It all exploded when the Colombian drew via an app and the winning number hadn’t been captured by anyone.

Teo showed on his networks the photo of the phone with a legend saying “Messi Shirt” and under the number 2217 which was not purchased by any of the participants.

Far from redoing the tie, the Colombian decreed the end of the contest: “Nobody won the lottery, thanks for the help”she wrote on her Instagram account and sparked the anger of her followers.

To top it off, shortly after, Teo shared the post of a boat ride, full platinum and grinning from ear to ear, enjoying an incredible afternoon. “You bought the boat with the lottery“A user asked him. And the footballer did not hesitate to provoke:”Dad, I travel with that moneyor”.

The publication sparked the anger of many followers, although others kindly recounted the situation. And as always, Teo got away with it, moving with her rules and not caring about what they say.

Source: Clarin

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