Lionel Messi returns to play after being world champion: has he been called up to PSG and are they preparing a tribute for him?

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After 23 long and interminable days from the consecration of Selection inside Qatar World Cup 2022, Lionel Messi fans will once again appreciate the best player in the world. Though he didn’t officially confirm it in Tuesday’s conference, Christopher Galtier gave indications that Everything is ready for Leo to return to the helm.

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After a well-deserved break, Messi returned to training for the Paris outfit six days ago and has been working alongside his teammates to return to the starting 11 as soon as possible. Due to the proximity of the party to the chateauroux With his arrival, Galtier preferred to leave him out of the commitment that the Parisian team played last Friday for the French Cup. However, on the return of the championship 1 after 10 days without activity, Leo looks like a regular fixture to take on Angers, from 5pm.

This Tuesday, as usually happens on the eve of every PSG match, the club allowed the press to enter and broadcast the first 15 minutes of training. And you could see all the magic of the 30s of the Parisian group in a crazy woman with whom he shared Neymar, Marquinhos, Marco Verratti and Sergio Ramos, four of Leo’s closest players on the team. So, always with a smile on his face, La Pulga enjoyed as they entered the heat and, of course, amused the audience.

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Although Neymar also moved normally, It is not yet known whether he will accompany Leo in attack or go to the bank. As Galtier revealed a few days ago, the Brazilian continues to recover from the severe right ankle sprain suffered mid-Qatar 2022 and that ruled him out of two games in the group stage. Ney was also ruled out against Châteauroux for the same reason.

So while Ney worked normally on Monday and Tuesday, he’s still in doubt for this Wednesday and his replacement could be Charles Soler. In this way the Spaniard would accompany Messi and Hugo Ekitike in the attack trident. In any case, in the event of a non-start, Neymar would go to the substitute bench, so he could enter the second set if necessary.

Will there be a giveaway?

Since Leo’s return to Paris, one of the most recurring topics in the French press has to do with the possible tribute to Leo for the championship in Qatar. Though Messi was met with praise from his teammates, who even gave him recognition on the day of his returnSo far, local media have maintained that the club had not planned any special tribute for the return of the best in the world.

Indeed, Galtier was blunt when asked about the subject last week: “I’m focused on tomorrow’s game, we’ll see when his next game is, but Leo need not be honored. I hope our fans celebrate it, there’s no reason not to.”

However, despite speculation, A tribute similar to that already experienced in other clubs with the world champions is not excluded.

Source: Clarin

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