Boca has lived a day with rumors and voiceover: for now Battaglia is going on, but everyone is worried that the team is not playing well

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Boca has lived a day with rumors and voiceover: for now Battaglia is going on, but everyone is worried that the team is not playing well

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Sebastián Battaglia left the Boca area, in Ezeiza. (JM. Foglia)

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There is one big certainty: this Mouth (still in the League Cup playoff zone and with Copa Libertadores aspirations) is not showing any positive signs in its operation. He plays poorly, doesn’t maintain results, returns to the defensive facet and doesn’t provide clarity on attack. After superb wins against Estudiantes de La Plata and River, far from being a hinge to gain momentum, their level dropped. Even at the point of combining 4 draws domestically, with wins and losses around the world. There is no debate about it, they are all valid certainty and that is accepted in every field. Later there are a thousand versions and rumors. Those, on the sounding board with Boca as amplifier, set up speculations running (even some politically related) and meetings not taking place, conversations not taking place in the locker room and dialogue for a series on any media platform. streaming.

Is there a concern in Boca about team performance? There is, of course. From the coaching staff, because little of what he does later can be seen in 90 minutes; of the footballers themselves (some were surprised at the temporary change of surname from one game to another and with different presentations in addition to injuries), because of them they observed that there was a disconnection in not maintaining the results ; and also from the football leadership, knowing that the present of the team did not accompany the wealth of the squad and that even after the pivotal triumphs there was a takeoff.

Battaglia today continues to rule Boca.  (Marcel Carroll)

Battaglia today continues to rule Boca. (Marcel Carroll)

In between, consecutive draws (Boca went over six games without losing the League Cup) deepened local debt that led to an unstable climate in Bombonera, eager to win but more to observe a trusted team. Ultimately, looking at the work of Sebastian Battaglia He was under scrutiny and beyond his planning, which led him to force footballers who ended up with injury in an ongoing rotation that did not allow him to maintain a minimum of continuity of play. From a good first half with Lanús to nothing against Godoy Cruz. From absolute concentration against River to neglect at Arsenal. Ang “irregular walking” that the whitewashed technician is a reality to be lived with Oral Genitals by Ezeiza.

It also confuses DT. kasi decided to cancel a press conference in Bombonera instead of sending a message of strength out. This is surprising given the closeness of the Football Council, which did not enter the locker room in La Boca and was increasingly unrecognizable in the president’s offices (the Riquelme and Ameal talk was about an institutional issue in the coming days related to sponsorship). and stadium entrance work).

Of the pipi on Wednesday night in a message at the entrance to the property. Before meeting with Riquelme and company, the technician expressed his perception. “We are working, obviously we want the team to improve. We think the next game, about trying to improve to get a win. That is what we are looking for. If I’m strong? Yes, yes, always. I trust the players, I trust the squad, I have the strength to keep going. Obviously we will do a self-criticism between us behind closed doors and we will look for the best for what is to come ”, he stated in an almost scripted speech on ESPN.

Riquelme sa Bombonera.  (Marcel Carroll)

Riquelme sa Bombonera. (Marcel Carroll)

In between talking to Marcelo Delgado, Raul Cascini, and Jorge Bermudezthere was also time for conversation Riquelme along the campus. Again, as in the 2021 bus descent scene towards the group, he asked them to make an effort and show that they are the best. It was a way of showing the group about their commitment to the coach, reaffirmed from the speech but no answers on the playing field.

With Hugo Ibarra, Serna and Blas Giunta (only the last authorized to direct in the highest category) as firefighters on hand in case there is a goodbye from DT, in Boca they don’t talk to any coach nor do they think to call a technician right away. “to those with experience” before June. After taking on responsibilities but also exposing that he knew and believed he could reverse his present (with two games away and one against Corinthians, for the Copa Libertadores), DT left the venue knowing that the plane who will take him to Santiago del Estero will have to look for him with courage to figure out how to change pieces in time, needing three points not only to secure his spot in the League Cup playoffs but to regain lost confidence. It’s between endless voices and speculation, the assurance that everyone in Boca has is that the team isn’t playing well and that he must quickly find himself with an identity that the technician takes too long to develop.

Source: Clarin

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