Enzo Francescoli: “What we were looking for with Demichelis was to support an idea”

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Enzo Francescoli was responsible for the arrival of Marcellus Gallardo a River. His clinical eye has not failed. And now, with the president’s approval, George Brito, took on the difficult task of finding his successor. the chosen one was Martin Demichelis. And the manager of Núñez’s club, from Miami, explained what were the reasons that prompted him to look for who until recently was the coach of the second team of Bayern Munich. And, as always happens when the Prince In between, nothing was improvised.

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“We had had meetings with Martín for some time to see a little bit about what his preparation was about, what his idea was, his way of working, who he could join this group with… How I said at the time, What we are looking for in River is to have a structure that can support the idea. This is what the club has focused on. And in that structure, due to different circumstances, the names change , but the important thing is to support this, that when a name is Must Go, it’s easy for those who arrive to follow that path. And that was the idea,” Francescoli told TyC Sports from the preseason in Miami.

In this sense, the Uruguayan also explained why he decided to surround him with players identified with the club and with the Gallardo cycle. “I understood that it was time because there was a structure that could go with it, that’s why we added (Javier) Pinola, (German) Lux and people who have also been to the club,” said the Prince.

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And he went on to praise Demichelis’ skills as a coach and the importance of having a trained coaching staff: “That would make this journey easier. But above all, I think he’s a guy who is very prepared in his way of thinking about what I want from River: a team who thinks about the opponent’s goal, who plays high, who takes risks… And I think they are prepared for this, but then the results will tell. That was the reason”.

In this sense Francescoli appreciated Pinola’s decision to make the leap into the new role a few days after deciding to retire as a player. And he underlined the importance of the good relationship he has had for some time with his new ‘boss’.

“He had already made the decision to retire, but out of respect for the environment, the players and the others he did not speak in the last 15/20 days he had left. He prepared himself, he made the journey, he had more than three years a return trip with Martín for playing in Germany. And I thought it was nice because it was a way for Martín to get to know our team faster and to feel more comfortable. It was that simple.”

Source: Clarin

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