Boca gets the most out of Rossi and before leaving he goes to Abu Dhabi: to save money or for Flamengo to improve the offer?

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In what constitutes a game of convenience, It has been confirmed that Agustín Rossi will travel to the UAEwhere is it Mouth will contest first racing the International Super Cup, the first competition of 2023 which awards the winner an official title. Whoever succeeds will embroider a new star.

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Flamengo agreed a few days ago with the goalkeeper to sign him starting on July 1st, the date on which Rossi will be definitively free from Boca. This peculiar situation allows the La Ribera club to operate in two directions: confirm their starting goalkeeper for such a decisive match, but also put pressure on the Brazilian club to offer more than the $300,000 with which they tried to advance their purchase.

If Flamengo decides to wait for him, Boca will have to make a decision beyond Abu Dhabi there. Who will be the goalkeeper in the next few months of competition? Because there’s also the possibility of betting on any of the other three who have fielded in the summer triangle: each one, like Rossi, saved 45 minutes and none conceded a goal.

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By strategy or belief, en the list of 30 players that coach Hugo Ibarra will have at his disposal, there will be four goalkeepers. Only one will be the owner and this is part of a decision that will not have to do exclusively with the conditions.

Defenders will also be on the travel list red frames Y Nicholas Figaldespite the fact that both will be unwilling to act as they continue to recover from the physical discomfort, according to the Télam agency.

The same will happen with the midfielder. Martin Payeroretired last Friday due to a serious injury to his ankle in the match against Everton at the San Juan Bicentenario stadium.

Boca Juniors and Racing Club will meet this Friday 20 in Abu Dhabi, starting at 1.30pm in Argentina, for the International Super Cup. The match will be controlled by referee Fernando Rapallini.

Why does Flamengo want Rossi first?

The commitments that Flamengo has before July, in addition to the local tournaments and the Copa Libertadores, are more than important: the Club World Cup organized by FIFA will take place in Morocco between 1 and 11 February and has at least Mengão in the semifinals, waiting for the winner of the match who will face Al Hilal, from Saudi Arabia, with the local, Wydad Casablanca.

The remaining semi-final, which will be played on the same day, will pit Spain’s Real Madrid (Champions League winners) against the winner of the match between the US Seattle Sounders and the key team that will be supported by Al Ahly, from Egypt, and Auckland City, New Zealand.

That’s why the inclusion of Rossi in the Boca list has the flavor of a negotiation. Flamengo showed Boca their pre-agreement with the goalkeeper; Boca let slip the possibility of not counting on him until his contract expired; The Brazilian club then made an offer to sign him earlier and prevent him from missing the shoot; Xeneize rejects him and takes the goalkeeper that the Rio de Janeiro team wants on tour. It sounds like a tongue twister, but that’s the tug of war of a transaction that is already eternal.

Source: Clarin

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