“With Paulo the music is different”: Mourinho and an intimate chat that reveals what he really thinks of Dybala

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Jose Mourinho thought of Paul Dybala He has just taken over as Roma manager and the management got his wish a few transfers later. It is his great football weakness and he took advantage of a moment of uncertainty for Cordovan at Juventus to relaunch his career, just a few months before the World Cup. Qatar 2022.

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“The change was very positive for me. Mourinho called me and I made a quick decision.” commented the jewel at the time. “He has talent and makes it available to the team, he doesn’t isolate himself, and he does an extraordinary job defensively” Mou praised it, right from the start.

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The first meeting between the forward and the coach, who today have an excellent relationship and show mutual respect, was on 9 January 2022. In Serie A, Juventus won 4-3 against Roma with a goal from Dybala. Being replaced at the end of the game, Mourinho approached him and said “you are a phenomenon”.

When they met again at the club in the Italian capital, they remembered that moment. “Good now what you were doing against me it’s time for you to do it with me”the controversial DT told him, between laughs.

Paulo is busy with his coach, the one who helped him recover his best version and get on the plane Qatar 2022 to be world champion, and is always rewarded for the trust you give him. Example of this, the anecdote that the Portuguese told.

“He asked me to come back on January 1st, but I told him it would be difficult to win without him. I asked him to come back on December 29th.”, he recalled of a talk they had. “On the 27th he wrote to tell me that he was traveling and that on the 28th he would be available to train, which he eventually did. This is Paulo, a special boy”he concluded.

“With Paulo the music is different”, he said after the 1-0 victory against Genoa in last Thursday’s Coppa Italia round of 16. And last weekend, against Fiorentina in Serie A, the former Istituto was eliminated with a brace.

If it comes to praise, the greatest of all was the one you gave him after Roma-Roma. Turin in August 2022. “There were two matches: one until the 70th minute and the other after. In the last 20 minutes we have created more chances, maybe more than we have created in the last four or five games. How come? Easy, because Dybala came in”he summarized.

“When you have a player like Paulo and he doesn’t play, it’s different. How many more points would we have now if Dybala hadn’t been injured?”He added.

Decidedly, Mourinho’s admiration for Dybala is total. He has managed many internationally renowned figures during his huge career in European football, but he seems to have something special about Paulo. And the Argentine repays that trust with good performances and commitment to DT.

Source: Clarin

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