Insua took the opportunity to test the new generation of San Lorenzo and Peñarol won with the final pitch

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When everything was headed for penalties, the youth Oscar Cruz surprised Battle of Augustuswhich had become unworkable, e He gave Peñarol a 1-0 win over a San Lorenzo full of kids. The team of Ruben Dario Insua they lost their second game in the preseason to Uruguay. Saturday will close with Danube.

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Try crazy. After the goalless draw and the defeat on penalties last Sunday against Independiente del Valle, almost the whole squad has rotated. He just repeated Battaglia. Subsequently, he gave minutes to those who are substitutes, except for Federico Gattoni, the captainwho had joined the preseason late on his way to Italy to apply for citizenship.

Cyclone were a very young formation: 21 years was the average of the starting XI in which 19-year-old central midfielder Elian Irala made his debut, showing personality and a good line-up.

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Still on board the 5-2-3, Those of Boedo made goalkeeper Jonathan Lima shinewho blocked Agustín Martegani’s free kick and Tomás Silva’s shot after a nice hook from the left.

Peñarol had failed to progress on the field, until at the end of the first half they found an unbeatable opportunity thanks a penalty by the hand of Francisco Flores. However, Batalla grew into a giant and took the shot from Abel Hernández.

After the break, the Galician He continued to film other values ​​from the Cuerva quarry: Gonzalo Luján, Iván Leguizamón, Luis Sequeira, Francisco Perruzzi, Alexander Díaz. With the changes, the Argentine cast lost strength and had difficulty making it through half the pitch. The Uruguayans, on the other hand, took control of the ball and chose overflows and centers as the way for Batalla’s goal, which was very firm.

Luján grabbed the spear a couple of times and went on the attack, generating danger. In one, the youngster threw in a cross and generated a clear handball inside the area that was not picked up by Uruguayan referee Antonio García. This failure of the judge was decisive because it could have changed the process.

About an hour in, the Cruz boy, who had come in plugged in, took a punch that was impossible to stop and doomed the game.

Source: Clarin

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