‘I still can’t believe it’, Lionel Messi’s emotional message a month after Argentina became world champions

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One month after the unforgettable world consecration of the Argentine national team in Qatar, the albiceleste captain Lionel Messi shared an emotional message on social networks in which he assured this I still can’t believe to have reached that goal that he had been looking for so much.

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“One of the most beautiful months in the world e I still can not believe it. What a beautiful madness we lived all that time that we ended up lifting the cup that we all wanted so much,” Messi began his message to accompany the video in which images of the final against France are seen, with the song “Brindis”. of Soledad, from below.

Messi’s emotional message a month before the World Cup

“One of the best months in the world and I still can’t believe it. What a beautiful madness we went through all that time that we ended up lifting the cup we all wanted so much.

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Obviously being champions makes everything better, but what a beautiful month I had, how many good memories I have and I miss them. I miss my team mates, the day to day with them, the mates, the chats, the workouts, the bullshit we did… How nice it was to see my family live an unforgettable experience every day for everyone and how nice it was to go to the matches and see the madness of the people on the pitch and in Argentina.

Thank God for so much. Like I said, I knew you’d give it to me. What I couldn’t imagine was after I reached it and I wasn’t wrong, because I could never have imagined the craziness of the people at the festivities.

Well, we’ve been… CHAMPIONS for a month now.”

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Source: Clarin

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