1×1 Racing Champion of the International Super Cup: the best of the Academy arrives in Frasquito Moralez

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racing started the year in the best way. In the United Arab Emirates he became champion of International Super Cup. He did it with a close victory Mouth in a final that was defined in extra time thanks to a much discussed penalty that went on goal Gonzalo Piovi. The best of the night in Al Ain was Maximilian Moralez, who returned to the club where he was born to end his career. And, at 35, he has done it in the best possible way.

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Below is the report card for clarion.

Gabriel Arias (6)

The Chilean goalkeeper provided his usual security. He didn’t have much to do in the Roncaglia massacre.

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Ivan Pillud (5)

The captain gave the usual display. Even if he didn’t have much influence when it came to attacking.

Leonardo Sigali (5)

The mouth isn’t too restless up front and hasn’t had much work. She managed to control Benedetto, who had a weak night.

Emiliano Insua (5)

Like his teammate behind, he didn’t have much work. It was not clear in the exits.

Gonzalo Piovi (6)

He had the responsibility of taking the penalty in added time. And he didn’t fail with a strong shot that didn’t give García a chance. During the match he hadn’t been a factor in the imbalance in attack.

Hannibal Moreno (6)

The midfielder is the thermometer of the team. He is the key to balance and a quick exit.

John Nardoni (5)

The newest Academy reinforcement showed some glimpses of his talent, the one that made Racing invest so much money in him. However, he has lost his leg several times. He has been replaced by Jonathan Gomez.

Nicole Oroz (5)

It usually brings an imbalance. At the moment he has put together a good partnership with Maxi Moralez, but he hasn’t finished putting together a good performance.

Maximilian Moralez (8)

Frasquito looks intact at 35 years old. The midfielder showed everything he can give. He was fundamental with the assist on Racing’s first goal. He is a great addition to the Gago team.

John Carbonero (7)

The Colombian, electric and fast, was a headache for Boca’s defense. He participated in both goals. In the premiere he showed his ability to deselect and define. In the second he was fundamental because his shot ended up causing the deflection which culminated in the controversial play.

Maximilian Romero (4)

He lacked mobility and had no goal situations. Too little for a center forward whose mission is to score a goal. He gave way to Reniero.

Nicholas Reniero (5)

He came on with all his experience behind him, but it was difficult for him to generate hazards in the opposing zone.

Jonathan Gomez (5)

He came in to contribute to his play in midfield and ended up being vital in the penalty game. It is he who goes to look for the rebound and who puts in the ball which ends up hitting Sandez’s hand.

Gabriel Hauche (5)

Another experienced man who helped Racing recover the ball at a time when Boca took center stage.

Maico Quiroz (-):

It has come to an end.

Source: Clarin

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