Zero arc, pressure and non-boring possession: Demichelis and the balance of his first preseason as River DT

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After returning from Miami, River returned to work at the Ezeiza RiverCamp and will face the last week of work before starting the championship with great optimism. And this the coaching staff led by Martín Demichelis was very satisfied with the first preseason at the helm of the Núñez team and the balance is positive.

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The main conclusions are in sight and have to do with what the team demonstrated in football in the three friendlies played on North American soil. There were three victories (1-0 against Rayados de Monterrey; 2-0 against Millonarios and 3-0 against Vasco da Gama) and did not receive a goalsomething the new coaching staff will try to underline.

But beyond the results, game questions have been seen to answer what Demichelis means, such as the pressure from three quarters forward, which caused River to start many attacks already in an advanced position due to recovering the ball near the opponent’s area, which originated several chances and goal power with fast attacks, without much possession. And there was also a good use of set pieces.

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In any case, ball possession is another characteristic that Demichelis wants to imbue the team with and this ball control was seen in various passes in the friendlies. But the coach is not looking for a “boring” possession, but useful for deepening the attacks.

And when it comes to handling the ball it is essential Ignacio Fernandez. His return and the way he is both technically and physically is another balance in favor that working in the United States has given River.

And if we refer to proper nouns, it should also be noted that Franco Armani is back in a state of grace after being world champion and continues to be a guaranteethat Jonathan Maidan he’s recovering, Emmanuel Mammana begins to be the new leader of the defense, which Bruno Zuculini you can watch your back Enzo Perezthat Jose Paradela regained confidence, Miguel Borgia keep converting and what Luca Beltranwhen he came on, he also responded with goals.

Meanwhile, one of the most celebrated issues has been the pleasing look of Franco Alfonso, a young man of 20 who has shown an interesting game based on his beauty to face and the freshness to function on the court. The same for the Colombian Flabián Londoño, who also had his minutes.

While, Among the issues to be resolved, the defensive operation is pending.which will have to be strengthened above all in the setback of the team and, on the other hand, in the recovery of injured players who have not been able to play the preseason normally, such as cases of Matías Suárez, Nicolás De La Cruz, David Martínez, Paulo Díaz and Agustín Palavecino. However, those who were fine were able to finish the job without any problems.

“We went from the bottom up all preseason. I’m very happy that of the guys who were healthy we didn’t lose any. In addition, I had the opportunity to give everyone minutes and whoever comes in from the start or from the bench finds a way to get around the game, the mechanism, the idea”.Demichelis said.

Source: Clarin

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