Intimate tattoo was decisive for the arrest of Daniel Alves, says newspaper

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According to the Spanish vehicle “El Mundo”, the young woman who accuses Daniel Alves of rape described a tattoo that put him in contradiction

One of the tattoos Daniel Alves (39) would have been a decisive factor for the Spanish Justice to perceive contradictions in the football player’s testimony.

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According to the newspaper “The world”, the description of the tattoo on the lower part of Daniel’s abdomen, made by the young woman who accuses him of rape, proved that he was left without clothes in the bathroom of the Barcelona nightclub and was essential for the Brazilian to have his preventive detention decreed.

According to the newspaper, the victim told the judge that she saw a crescent tattoo that goes from the abdomen to the genital area of ​​Alves, when the player tried to force her to have oral sex and she resisted. Questioned about the situation by the judge, the athlete presented different versions of the story. Initially, he admitted to having the design tattooed, but claimed that he was attacked by the young woman while sitting on the toilet.

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Upon hearing the player’s testimony, the judge questioned him, pointing out that, in this way, the victim could not have seen any tattoo, because his shirt would be covering the drawing. Daniel Alves then contradicted himself by presenting a new version of the story. In the second statement, Daniel said he got up when the young woman entered the bathroom, which enabled her to see the tattoo. In addition, he claims that the sexual relationship between the two was consensual.

According to theThe Vanguard”, another Spanish newspaper, a friend of the victim testified stating that she was also abused by the Brazilian. She would have revealed that the football player groped her violently, stopping only at the moment when she managed to break free and walk away.

Also on Monday, the 23rd, the player’s wife,Joana Sanz (29), published a video on social networks thanking the messages of affection they have received for the “hard moment”.

“I make this video so that you can see me, there are a lot of people very worried. It’s a moment of calm in the midst of the storm I’m going through. I want to take the opportunity to thank so many who are supporting me. there are beautiful messages, which you would never find in psychology books, self-help, overcoming has words so full of affection. It comforts me a lot that there are people who care about cheering me up. Thank you so much,” she said.

Source: Caras

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