Kun Agüero on the possibility of playing again with Lionel Messi in the Kings League: ‘The doors are open…’

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On July 4, 2021, Sergio Aguero entered a minute in the triumph of the Argentina national team in view of Ecuador, for the quarter-finals of the Copa América which he would later win at the Maracana stadium, against Brazil. This random data takes on another meaning this Tuesday, as it was the last time “Kun” and the star officially shared a football match Lionel Messiinseparable friends who they might meet again behind a ball if the words that the retired striker himself said in the last few hours will be confirmed.

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In his new facet of streamer, Agüero loves to generate round trips with his followers and one of them consulted him via Instagram how many chances were there that Messi would wear the shirt of his team “Kunisports” to play the Kings Leaguethe futsal tournament he created Gerard Pique next to the influencer Ibaí Llanos.

“Obviously it’s not easy, it’s difficult, but it all depends on Leo’s situation at the end of the season. Obviously Leo and anyone else has the doors open to play at Kunisports”He began to respond to what emerged at Independiente, who lifted the Copa América 2021 together with the Argentine national team and Messi, and months later he had to retire due to a heart problem.

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After the relevant tests, the doctors gave him the green light to return to competitive play, which is why he became the 12th player, or franchise, of his team.

“That would be very cool, but you still have to see why 12 can play, so one of you will have to leave. Of course he will play and I will stream…”joked the ‘Kun’.

A few days ago, the forward had revealed what Messi had told him when he saw him putting his boots back on and playing in the tournament which is played indoors and on a synthetic grass pitch.

“He saw the game I played. They were playing at nine in the evening and we were at seven, and he told me he was going to watch a bit because he was just going to the stadium. The only thing he said to me was ‘you were dead “. She killed. But I told him ‘what do you want me to do, you know how hot he was in there'”told.

“I Broke Everything”

Kun Agüero liked feeling like a footballer again. He had already made his debut in KuniSports, his Kings League team in the tournament created by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos, just with a goal inserted against the team of his Spanish streamer friend, Porcinos FC. And this Sunday he took the field again, but in the 11th minute of the first half he had to ask for a substitution. What happened?

Apparently, inactivity played a trick on Agüero, who within minutes of the first stage felt severe pain and expressed it in no uncertain terms. “I broke everything. How I ruined my adductor! The mother shell of him…”, Kun’s lament was heard.

Last Sunday Kun had scored a great goal: he stopped it with his back to the goal, turned around and shot “at the mousetrap”, as the old commentators used to say, beating the goalkeeper of the team led by Ibai Llanos. A few days later it became known that Kun was one of the guests of the Yellow Night – the traditional day when Barcelona from Ecuador present their team in a friendly where established players appear.

These games were helpful for Kun to get fit. But that afternoon the injury took him off the field. And now he was almost excluded from playing in the all-star game organized by the Ecuadorian team. However, Agüero confirmed that he will keep his commitment and will be present, whether he can play or not.

With a more than flexible regulation (which can even vary from date to date according to the whims or needs of the tournament owners), one of the attractions of the Kings League is that teams can incorporate different figures into each date. Without going further, a couple of dates ago at the Xbuyer Team “the masked player” appeared, who they called Enigma 69. It is assumed that he was a professional who could not reveal his identity, so they bandaged his arms and leg wrists. Many believe that he was the Cadiz player, Nano Mesa. Kun himself appeared last week dressed as the Joker.

With the loss of the starter and the figure, Agüero’s team – which has won four games out of five and is one of the great entertainers of the Kings League – will have to look for a replacement worthy of the circumstances. The Saviola bunny He was already in their ranks, it remains to be seen if he still does.

Source: Clarin

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