What are the days of Dani Alves in a prison in Catalonia: zero privileges and a Brazilian named Coutinho as a cellmate

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The life of the 39-year-old Brazilian soccer player Daniele Alves it just took an unexpected turn. One of Lionel Messi’s main partners at Barcelona in Spain and a major figure in the Brazilian team went from being a likable character recognized for his 42 professional playing titles, to being imprisoned in a Catalan jail for being accused of sexually abusing a 23-year-old woman on New Year’s Eve 2023 in the bathroom of a Barcelona nightclub.

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Anna Marín, substitute judge of the preliminary investigation court n. 15 of Barcelona sent the footballer to prison without bail, who is awaiting his judicial trial. The judge was firm in her decision after analyzing the extensive documentation provided by the Central Sexual Assault Unit (UCAS) of the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police, charged with investigating the rape complaint filed against the Brazilian footballer who participated in the last World Cup in Qatar.

Dani Alves was transferred this Monday to the Brians 2 prison in Catalonia and is another prisoner. It has no privileges and respects the protocols like any other prison in the establishment. The curious thing is that they decided that he should share a cell with a Brazilian known as Coutinho – also imprisoned for sexual offenses – so that he would adapt quickly.

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Coutinho He is not the Brazilian footballer who shared the squad with Dani Alves in Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, but he has the same name as the current Aston Villa player in the Premier League. In Brians 2, Coutinho will shadow Dani Alves.

According to the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya, “Coutinho will play a very important role in Alves’ adaptation to his daily life in prisonconsidered a real city, with its hospital, sports centre, theatre… but with a very strict routine, which starts at 8:00 and ends at 22:00 when all the lights in the modules go out”.

According to prison sources cited by El Periódico, the first impression of those who experienced the first three days of Alves’ stay in Brians 2 allows them to make sure that “He seems like a tough guy, with great integrity, knowing that this can last and knowing that if prison is going to last forever, it’s going to be very tough and he’s going to have to adapt as best he can.”.

This is the prison where Dani Alves is held

Brians 2 Prison has 14 residential modules, each with three floors and 72 cells. In addition, it has two more modules “more for some services and profiles” and in each module there is a shop “with basic products for prisoners”, medical offices, professional workshops, canteens, hairdressers and other services.

As for the cells, in Brians 2 they are single or for two people, since “one of the objectives of the center is also to improve the quality of life of the prisoners and their conditions of internment”, as announced on the opening day of the center inaugurated., as reported by La Vanguardia.

Another feature of Brians 2 is that each cell has its own shower. In this way Dani Alves will avoid having to go to the community showers and the administration will cover itself from any possible future complaint in the event that another inmate manages to photograph the footballer or make public information about his daily life inside the prison.

The center occupies 14 hectares of land and has many other facilities, such as a communication area with 40 booths, 30 family visit rooms, 30 intimate visit rooms, eight booths for judges and lawyerstwo videoconference rooms and two rooms for reconnaissance shifts.

And on some of its most significant structures, with the aim of “promoting interpersonal relationships, communication skills and the participation of prisoners”, Brians 2 also has computer and music rooms, an auditorium with a capacity of 250, an indoor sports field, three mini-pediment courts, an indoor gymnasium, a swimming pool, a central library and leisure terraces..

Source: Clarin

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