Vélez and Gimnasia de La Plata, rescheduled: the reasons for the decision two days before the start of the Professional League

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There are two days left before the start of the Professional League, that of the world champions, but changes continue to be the order of the day. This Wednesday, the LPF reported that Vélez-Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, which would have played on Friday, will finally do so next Monday starting at 20:00.

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The reasons, explained through the official networks of the internal competition, have aroused criticism. Is that it was reported that it was “due to the implementation of the last details in the José Amalfitani stadium hybrid grass installation”.

The point is that since mid-November there has been no competition -or recital-, which has opened a window of almost three months to resolve this situation, which is changed two days after the match.

Here’s what the scheduling for Date 1 was like

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Friday 27 January

19.15 Rosario Central-Argentine (TNT Sports)
Referee: Yael Falcon Perez
Assistant 1: Juan Manuel Vázquez
Assistant 2: Massimiliano Castelli
Fourth referee: Carlos Córdoba
VAR: Pablo Dovalo
AVAR: Javier Uziga

21.30 Defense and Justice against Hurricane (TNT Sports)
Referee: Sebastiano Zunino
Assistant 1: Eduardo Lucero
Assistant 2: Walter Ferreyra
Fourth Referee: Franco Acita
VAR: Fernando Échenique
AVAR: Diego Verlotta

Saturday 28 January

17.00 San Lorenzo-Arsenal (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Fernando Echenique
Assistant 1: Javier Uziga
Assistant 2: Pablo Gualtieri
Fourth referee: Julio Barraza
VAR: Diego Abal
AVAR: Ezequiel Brailovsky

19.15 Students vs Tiger (TNT Sports)
Referee: Fernando Espinoza
Assistant 1: Sebastián Raineri
Assistant 2: Pablo Acevedo
Fourth referee: José Carreras
VAR: Jorge Balino
AVAR: Diego Ceballos

19.15 Workshop vs Independiente (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo
Assistant 1: Miguel Savorani
Assistant 2: Diego Martin
Fourth referee: Andrés Gariano
VAR: Nazareno Arasa
AVAR: Diego Romero

21.30 Central Córdoba – River (TNT Sports)
Referee: Facundo Tello
Assistant 1: Pablo González
Assistant 2: Ivan Núñez
Fourth referee: Luis Lobo Medina
VAR: Dario Herrera
AVAR: Gerardo Carretero

Sunday 29 January

17.00 Platense vs. Newell’s (TNT Sports)
Referee: Nicolas Ramirez
Assistant 1: Hugo Páez
Assistant 2: Daiana Milone
Fourth referee: Jorge Broggi
VAR: Silvio Makeup
AVAR: Lucas Germanota

19.15 Race against Belgrano (TNT Sports)
Referee: Dario Herrera
Assistant 1: Damiano Espinoza
Assistant 2: Gerardo Lencina
Fourth referee: Diego Ceballos
VAR: Yael Falcon Perez
AVAR: Mariana de Almeida

19.15 Colon vs. Lanús (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Pablo Dovalo
Assistant 1: José Castelli
Assistant 2: Andrés Barbieri
Fourth referee: Nahuel Viñas
VAR: Leandro Rey Hilfer
AVAR: Julio Fernández

19.15 Institute vs. Sarmiento (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Andres Merlos
Assistant 1: Marcelo Bistocco
Assistant 2: Federico Cano
Fourth referee: Rodrigo Rivero
VAR: Ettore Paletta
AVAR: Gaston Suarez

21.30 Boca – Atlético Tucumán (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Jorge Balino
Assistant 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
Assistant 2: Gabriel Umbra
Fourth referee: Nazareno Arasa
VAR: Ariel Penel
AVAR: Luca Novelli

Monday 30 January

17.00 Barracas Central – Godoy Cruz (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Pablo Echavarría
Assistant 1: Lucas Germanota
Assistant 2: Juan Del Fueyo
Fourth Referee: Mauro Biasutto
VAR: Hernan Mastrangelo
AVAR: Pablo Gonzalez

20:00 Banfield-Union (TNT Sports)
Referee: Silvio Makeup
Assistant 1: Julio Fernandez
Assistant 2: Lucio Mendez
Fourth referee: Mariano Negrete
VAR: Facundo Tello
AVAR: Cristian Navarro

20:00 Vélez vs Gymnastics (ESPN Premium)
Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer
Assistant 1: Adrian Delbarba
Assistant 2: Ivan Aliende
Fourth referee: Pablo Gimenez
VAR: German dolphin
AVAR: Salome Di Iorio.

Source: Clarin

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