“Overweight is a problem for me and I want to change it”: Ibai Llanos installed a gym in his home and shared his progress

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“As you know friends, I’m fat. It’s obvious. I’m very fat. I’ve always encouraged everyone to love themselves the way they are, but I have a problem. Being overweight is a problem for me and I want to change that.”. thus presented Ibai Llanos, last October 31st a contractionthe start of her journey to a healthier life, something she had been putting off for a long time.

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The famous man of networks, creator of the league of kings next to Gerard Pique, Kun Aguero and other personalities from the football world, he is determined to work to improve his health and live his youth to the fullest of his 27 years.

Weight maintenance is essential to achieve better functioning of the heart and lungs, as well as the body in general, while helping to prevent various diseases and collaborating with psychological well-being. This is why the most important streamer in the Spanish-speaking world has decided to make a change and Show progress on YouTube.

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“He’ll lose weight and be much happier, which is the goal,” he said Valentin Colominas, his personal trainer, in the first video. In that Dec. 22 broadcast, which had 3.1 million views, both said they had built a gym on the second floor of Ibai’s home.

There he trains. Why not do it in a gym open to the public? Two reasons: on the one hand, the popularity he has in Spain (and in the world) would not allow him to train calmly and, on the other, the embarrassment that he himself says would make him train with the rest of the people. Likewise, he shares part of the workouts with his followers and thus feels accompanied.

“I’m not looking for records of anything, not losing 50 kilos or being the fastest in the world. I’m simply acquiring healthy habits: working out, taking care of my diet and resting well. no more than that”summarizes.

Attention to rest has a concrete explanation. “I had a problem with sleep apnea. Basically, it’s stopping breathing for a few seconds while you sleep. 30 apnea a night is considered severe and I was at 35. It’s outrageous,” he said of another of the triggers for embarking on this course of change.

As detailed by his trainer, the exercise routine is based on strength work, as it allows him to build more muscle mass and does not require such a high caloric expenditure. Therefore, such an aggressive diet is not necessary. “I want to have a lifestyle and habits that I can maintain five years from now. Of course, if I only ate vegetables and rode a bike, I would lose weight faster, but I wouldn’t be able to keep it off.”says Ibay.

Ibai’s change

This Monday a new video shows what the streamer’s gym is like, who has the following tools at home:

  • Aerobic area composed of elliptical, treadmill and bicycle.
  • Multistation with low row, lat pulldown and various pulleys.
  • Free weight space with dumbbells from 2 to 25 kg.
  • Multipower for guided exercises.
  • Leg flexion and extension machine.

One month after embarking on the adventure, his routine goes as follows: heatingfour sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of chest shot, reaching up to 60 kilograms; same amount of low rowingending with 52 kg.; leg extensioncoming to move 77 kilos, e leg flexion (70kg.).

The changes, although they are not yet evident in his physique, are beginning to be perceived: “He has gained strength, mobility and endurance. I see him as much healthier and, above all, a very important change is that he arrives at the gym with a smile and the desire to train”says his coach.

“There was a change in mentality, something in me that clicked. Even though I had a very difficult day in terms of stress, I always go to the gym. Some days even at night. I notice that it helps me feel better in my everyday life” reflects Ibai.

Ibaí closed with a message to his followers: “I had everything in my favor. A personal trainer and the economic capacity to exercise at home. Everyone has their context, their personal situation and we don’t know what another may be going through. Let no one feel guilty about this video.”.

Source: Clarin

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