“Don’t give a chair of journalism”: the strong cross between Mariano Closs and Chavo Fotte for Fernando Gago’s present in Racing

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The Professional League begins and the temperature of the debates that flood the sports channels of Argentine television begins to rise. At any moment and with any discussion, screams dominate the scene. This Thursday, the news of Fernando Gago in Racing and the two titles won in a few months was the spark that led to a strong cross between Mariano Closs and Diego Chavo Fucks, on ESPN.

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It was in the usual transition between the F12 and the F90, which has Closs himself and Sebastián Vignolo as drivers, accompanied by a group of speakers who are involved in the topics proposed by today.

The debate began when ‘Chavo’ Fucks pointed out the mistakes that, in his opinion, the technician of the ‘Academy’ had, with a tone that grew to try to prevail over the other voices and be able to process them.

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“Why do you want to invalidate what we think? You want to convince us all that Gago is a mediocre coach, you wanted to convince us that Gallardo is not a good coach, that Gago is not a good coach. What technique do you like? what football do you like? Because almost everything we see, you don’t like”was Closs’s reply, more subdued in tone, but coherent.

Fucks spoke again to highlight the work done by Gago in his first year as coach of Avellaneda: “I also like how he plays, but he fell in the decisive moments. Journalism must have a critical sense, otherwise it is not journalism”.

And came, perhaps, the strongest sentence of the discussion, when Closs answered him: “Don’t teach journalism”.

Source: Clarin

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