Racing will receive Belgrano with an audience, but only members and season ticket holders will be able to attend the Cylinder

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Follow the climate of tension in racing. After the indecisions on the Cilindro’s ability to receive this Sunday’s match against Belgrano, Avellaneda’s team will be able to count on the presence of their own fans, but in the last few hours a new provision has been communicated which alerts the fans.

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Through the official social networks of The Academy it was communicated that no ticket sales will be made for this meeting for non-members, therefore, Viewers of the Juan Domingo Perón will be members and season ticket holders only.

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“The Cylinder for members and season-ticket holders. This Sunday, on the occasion of the match against Belgrano, access to the stadium will be reserved for members with an updated rate and season-ticket holders. Tickets will not be sold in any way”, he said announced by Racing. In addition, there will be a security operation of around 600 police officers so that nothing that harms the show and the club happens.

The ferocious training in the bar has completely conditioned this start of the tournament for Fernando Gago’s team and with this determination they will try to minimize the margin of accidents and gatherings on the outskirts of the Cylinder. In this way, Academy fans will have to take this new determination into account when attending this Sunday’s match against the Pirate.

The interior of the cafe

Corina’s gang (Los Pibes de Racing) is split in two: Leo, arrested for attacking Deportivo Cali fans, vs. Patti’s face. The latter had gone to Abu Dhabi for the Super Cup final with Boca and, upon his return, he was met by the aforementioned Leo, recriminating him for the power of the stands.

It is said that there was a new clash in the middle of the Corina district (in Avellaneda) and that it further inflamed the prisoner. On a par is the Docke faction, who would intend to take advantage of this division to take over the board.

Five members of the bar association were arrested this week. Among these, Darío Barzola, alias Chamois. The episode allegedly took place near the stadium, from which weapons were seized. Two of the arrested were minors, it seems they were 14 years old.

Source: Clarin

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