Lionel Messi’s regret for Topo Gigio in Van Gaal and the “Go there, idiot”: “Everything that came out was natural”

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The World Cup in Qatar left thousands of images and anecdotes that will be remembered over time, but this Monday the captain of the Argentine national team Lionel Messi He acknowledged that there is something he regrets about what he experienced in the Arab lands. “When this ends I don’t like to leave that image, but it was all natural”he recognized the Rosary.

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After scoring the Argentine national team’s second goal against the Netherlands and receiving greetings from his teammates, the captain walked over to the rivals’ bench, stared at the Dutch coaching staff and glued his palms to the headphones in their pavilions.

“I hadn’t thought about it, yes when it came out, one of my teammates told me what I had said on purpose. We’d make it 2-0, then when all this ends I don’t like it, he’s not going either, but I’m moments of great tension, a lot of nervousness and everything happens very quickly, and one reacts but nothing was foreseen, he went away… I don’t like leaving the image like this but these things happen too”he explained in his interview on ‘Urbana Play’ radio.

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In the same sense, he spoke of the iconic phrase he launched to the striker Wout Weghorst in the middle of an interview in the mixed area of ​​the Lusail stadium. The “Andá pa’ alla bobo” quickly traveled around the world and has been immortalized in every one of the Argentine fans and sports enthusiasts in general. If even Novak Djokovic parodied it with Diego Schwartzman.

“I know I’m a cup, a shirt. Everything that came out was natural, a lot had happened on the pitch, not only with Van Gaal, but also with that player and with others too. The fever with the referee ( the also the Spanish Mateu Lahoz)”He explained.

Talks with Riquelme

The celebration of the Topo Gigio 2022 model, a revival of the original patented 21 years ago, was the bridge that united Juan Roman Riquelme Y Messi in a gestural battle with Louis van Gaal.

Last week, the Boca vice president himself revealed the talks he had with the ‘Pulce’ during the conquest of the World Cup in Qatar. “I think he said something, right? Like in the last World Cup he didn’t touch him or something like that… What will he do? There are things that can’t happen in football: maybe you can not make him angry. It’s preferable to hug him, kiss him . Who doesn’t want to attack you, who doesn’t want to hit you. If you make him angry, it’s worse. When the one who plays the best gets angry, you don’t have a chance to beat him. How do you do it? It’s impossible.”Riquelme commented.

“I talked to Román after the matches, I always talk to him. He had even had a couple of fights with Van Gaal in Barcelona. Every time Román talks about me he has the headline of that style and we talk to him very often,” he said Messi this Monday, during an interview on ‘Urbana Play’ radio.

Source: Clarin

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