An inmate gave details about Dani Alves’ prison life: how other inmates see him

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Daniele Alves begins to get used to his new life. Football lovers, who saw in him a person incapable of committing the aberrational crime of which he is accused, even now take this new reality as something almost natural: The Brazilian, who has been one of Messi’s best partners throughout his career, is in jail for rape.

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A month has passed since what happened on December 30 at the disco sutton from Barcelona, ​​​​that night in which a 23-year-old girl, immediately after being raped, abused and raped in the bathroom of a bowling alley, denounced the 39-year-old footballer.

While his lawyer, Cristóbal Martell, presented the conditions for his probation this Monday, An inmate of the Brians 2 prison located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires told how Dani behaves in prison.

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A group of journalists from four a day, television program in Spain, went to the prison and spoke with the prisoner in question. “He walks normal and ordinary. He doesn’t have a special life there, nor is he treated differently,” He began by describing Dani Alves’ life behind bars.

Yet it does not go unnoticed. He is still the player with the most titles in football history (42 against Messi’s 41). “He’s a good boy, he’s a good boy. He’s super calm, they’re asking for autographs… I’m hallucinating,” added the prisoner.

“The attitude he has is bored, a lot, it’s a very boring life. But he used to play football already, he made plays with the boys there, which are for his own crime”said the inmate, who is being held in another form.

Dani Alves asks for parole

Some days later Ney Alves, Dani’s brother, he’ll be speaking on the show Match of Telecinco Brasil and stated that the footballer’s lawyer, Miraida Puente Wislon, “he’s not doing it right”, the defense fired the lawyer.

He stood his ground Christopher Martel, who presented this Monday a 24-page brief before the investigating court number 15 in which details a number of conditions for granting parole.

He stressed that there is no risk of absconding for the defendant, contrary to the fear publicly expressed by the victim’s lawyer. Because of this, guarantee the use of an electronic bracelet to ensure that the Brazilian moves within a certain area.

The defendant also offered to hand over his passportwithout which the prisoner could not leave Spain, or the obligation to go and sign in court to confirm, day after day, his stay in Barcelona.

Source: Clarin

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