How is the plan that Independiente has launched to convince Kun Agüero of his return to the red

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“I’ll be fit physically to see if I can stay here for six months. Let’s wait. There are several clubs that want me, I also have Independiente. If I’m fit physically, I would play for Red, of course. At least one farewell match on the pitch ‘Independiente. We’ll make it’. Sergio Aguero, somewhat jokingly and quite seriously, he released those words almost in passing in a stream of ‘Yellow Night’, the party in Barcelona in Ecuador at which he was the guest of honor. And in Avellaneda his voice sounded like the most wonderful music to the ears of leaders and fans, who immediately ignited the illusion of seeing Kun dressed as the Devil again.

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It has been 15 months since the star who came out of the red youth academy, then ran for the Argentine national team, Atlético Madrid and Manchester City, officially set foot on a football field for the last time. It was that fateful October 30, 2021 when, stuffed with Barcelona of Spain clothes, he grabbed his chest and threw himself on the ground with a face of shocking fright.

In December of that year, after a battery of cardiological studies, Agüero has announced his retirement in the midst of an anguish that has invaded all football fans in Argentina and throughout the world. The former striker has plunged into the world of virtual games (he has formed his own brand) and streaming and thus spends his days away from the ball, which he has been a faithful friend of him for most of his life.

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But Kun still has the footballer bug inside him. His farewell was so abrupt for health reasons (he was forced to leave his professional activity due to an arrhythmia) that his plans for the future were cut short. On the horizon he saw a return to Independiente to end his career and, of course, a dutiful farewell on the pitch.

Well, calmer now, that idea resurfaced and started spinning in his head. What he said in conversation with comedian Jero Freixas, a self-confessed fan of Red, was not accidental. clarion might find out Contacts between him and the Avellaneda club began a few days ago to reactivate the bond and try to bring the Kun closer to the institute.

Can the fans hope to see Agüero play at least one semester at Independiente? That door is not quite closed, but almost. And not because the management commanded by Fabián Doman or the former player himself don’t want to do it. But because that is exclusively subject to being able to receive authorization from the team of cardiologists and specialists who supervise it. And today it seems unlikely that the doctors can give him permission to return to racing at such a demanding level.

For the moment it is quite unlikely, even if at the same time no one dares to rule it out definitively. What everyone sees as something to do is a farewell party so that he can spend his special night with his friends and football fans.

“I heard what he said and from here we are at his disposal for whatever he wants. I can’t say if he will play again because that would generate high hopes. But whether it’s for that or a farewell match, Kun has the gates of the club are open,” Doman assured this newspaper.

The Rossoneri president has instructed a very trusted relative of the board of directors to deal personally with following and nurturing the bond with Agüero, which had cooled down in recent years. The intention of the leadership is for Kun to feel part of Independiente from the position he desires. What will come of it will be seen.

For now, Operation Kun Agüero has been launched in Avellaneda. Everyone expects him to be successful to see him once again on the pitch in the shirt he loves the most.

Source: Clarin

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