Gattoni returns from Europe and San Lorenzo expects him to respect the contract renewal

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The case of Federico Gattoni has divided the waters in San Lorenzo. For some time there have been various opinions within the Boedo club on the situation of the 23-year-old defender who continues without renewing his contract expiring in the middle of this year and who, finally, is in Europe without coaching authorization, thus finishing the process of his citizenship . Seville she finally gave up on him for this pass market, which in the Old World closed this Tuesday, and now the captain of the team led by Ruben Darío Insua will tour the country. DT has already publicly warned that if he keeps his commitment to sign his new connection, he will play. But some executives also think that some punishment should be applied for traveling without consent.

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The focus will now be on what Federico Gattoni will do. The footballer was trained at the Barça institution flirted with Spanish football this summerbut in the end that leap will not be given at least in this window of the book. Is that Sevilla’s offer of 1.2 million euros gross was rejected by San Lorenzo because they considered it low. And Jorge Sampaoli’s team hasn’t insisted yet, even if on the other side of the Atlantic there is talk that they will return to office for him in the middle of the year.

The concrete thing is that this Thursday the central defender will return to tread on Argentine soil. And in Boedo they are waiting for him with the contract on the table for him to sign the autograph once and for all and close a deal that began in May of last year.

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“If you sign, play; if not, don’t”, they repeat in the Cyclone. For his part, the Galician Insua was clear: “I’m not angry yet. If she signs this week, she’ll play her part. I’m counting on him, he was captain on Saturday. If you sign, he plays, otherwise not”voiced the DT on ESPN.

At San Lorenzo they know they cannot lose the player since he is the club’s capital and for this reason they will only hang him if he refuses to sign a renewal to go free after June. What they evaluate in the rossoblù leadership is the possibility of applying some disciplinary sanction for having left without authorization.

This is the team captain, who should set an example with his behavior. And ignoring this episode could set a dangerous precedent for the future that any disobedience will have no consequences.

Those led by Insua will visit Lanús on Saturday night. And it would seem difficult for Gattoni to be present. Even if he arrives and signs, as everyone wants, he will have missed almost all the training sessions of the week and his place could be taken by Carlos Sánchez, who would make his debut in the Barça defence.

Meanwhile, in the bow Facundo Altamirano will continue to face given that Augusto Batalla is still recovering from a tear in his right adductor. And we will have to see if the technician decides to insert it Agostino Marteganianother of those who might have emigrated to this book but will remain as an offer from Racing was rejected as insufficient.

Martegani came on for Nahuel Barrios in the second half against Arsenal last Saturday and brought clarity to midfield. He was fundamental with a good filtered pass in the 1-0 draw and now he could have earned a place in the starting lineup.

Source: Clarin

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