As Valentino plays, the eldest son of Maxi López and Wanda who joins the inferiors of River

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“It’s powerful.” “Top scorer”. “Run like the father.” Valentino López, the eldest of Maxi López and Wanda Nara’s three children, is about to turn 14 and has dreams of becoming a footballer, just like his father did during his 20-year career until his retirement in 2021. The boy breathes football. Is he his stepfather (former stepfather?), Mauro Icardi, He also had and continues to have an important career in football. Without going any further, the former PSG ex-PSG is already starting to show his best characteristics at Galatasaray and yesterday he netted a brace to turn the match against Ümraniyespor upside down.

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Valu, as he is nicknamed in the family, shows his great scoring ability match after match: he played in the Under 13 paris saint germain and came to average one goal per game. Before, he attended the academy of Milan AND Now a new possibility opens up for him, this time in Argentine football.

The blond-haired boy was tried for ten days in the River Plate and caught the attention of youth coaches “because of his striking resemblance to his father”. Valentino has just been confirmed in the lower tiers of the Millionaire, a club he is a fan of.

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His father, Maxi López, played there between 2001 and 2004, scored 13 goals in 56 games played and had a good performance, despite being scored by a missed penalty against Boca in the semi-finals of the 2004 Copa Libertadores.

Returning from Turkey after his fleeting experience in the Under 14 of Galatasaray, Valentino shared on his Instagram account the images that show him preparing in Argentina for the upcoming challenges. “Preseason in Argentina”, recited the text of the post which portrays him together with Benedicto and Costantino, his two brothers.

Maxi López was the one who managed to get his son tested at River and paid him a personal trainer during this beginning of the year when they were in Argentina, all with the aim of giving a boost to his desire to become a professional footballer.

“I love you. Even though it hurts to see you grow up and the changes they bring about in the family, I am the happiest. It is so hard to find soul purpose and passion in life,” he wrote to his departing mother two days ago for Turkey with the rest of his children who would have met Mauro Icardi again And little Valentino did not get on the plane because he had to fulfill his commitment to the millionaire.

Wanda completed the message that indicated her son’s early vocation: “And you have it when you are so small. May nothing and no one distract you from your goal and may your dreams be the engine of your sacrifice”.

Icardi’s brace

Source: Clarin

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