More problems for Dani Alves: after firing him, Pumas is asking for massive compensation

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As soon as the news of the prosecution against Daniele Alves for sexual assault and the Brazilian player was arrested, puma took action on the matter and, without thinking twice, decided to unilaterally and immediately terminate the link. President Leopoldo Silva communicated this when preventive detention was ordered in Barcelona.

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This Thursday, 13 days after his arrest, the details of the email that the president of the university group sent to Alves’ representative, in which, in addition to informing him of the decision to terminate the contract, they asked for a millionaire financial sum as compensation. As reported by UOL Sporte, the club is seeking $5,000,000 for violating the terms of conduct included in the contract.

The Brazilian media had access to the email and were able to verify that Pumas is protected by the clause which penalizes the player for his participation in doping cases. “in any scandal which becomes public” or in “any act which is considered a crime under the law of the country in which it took place”.

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“For very serious violations by the player, within the terms set out in the fourteenth and fifteenth clauses of the contract, the player is irretrievably obliged to reimburse the club for the payment of the compensation provided for in the fifteenth clause of the contract, in the amount of 5 million dollars neti.e. exempt from any tax or withholding,” explains Pumas in the communication sent to the party’s representative.

Pumas also reports it in the email reserves the right to bring any action before FIFA and/or any other relevant jurisdiction and competent, to claim the compensation, agreed in the terms of the fifteenth clause of the contract”.

During his time with the Mexican team, the player with the most titles in football history He played 13 games and distributed 5 assists. Their last meeting was on January 8 of this year, a few days before his arrest, in front of Juárez.

Dani Alves case: the prosecution of the defense to get him out and 12 years in prison?

The days go by and not only the world of football is nervous about what is happening around Dani Alves and his stay in prison. The decisive hours in the case that has caused a global sensation are approaching. The Brazilian continues to be held in Barcelona’s Brians 2 prison accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl at the Sutton nightclub on 30 December.

Waiting to be able to await trial on probation, his lawyer allegedly found a video from which his defense would be based. It is not known for sure whether the artifact found by Cristóbal Martell really means a beacon of hope for the former PSG, Barcelona and Juventus player. but it is information that may be the key to the cause and his environment takes hold of it. Just as the nightclub’s security cameras previously prejudged it, the material is based on that footage.

As reported by the Spanish media La Vanguardia, one of those that closely follows Alves’ news, Martell and his team have dedicated themselves to reviewing the more than seven hours of recording and carefully observed the moment in which the gesture would have occurred reprehensible accomplished. In this context, they warn that they have seen how the defender enters the bathroom of the reserved VIP and the young woman who reported him two minutes later did so. If confirmed, a setback in the statement of the woman in question.

Now the defense would be aimed at filling her testimony with questions and trying to verify that the complainant went to the bathroom of her own free will and not forced by the Brazilian, as reported so far. Beyond these data, the experts and the medical reports continue their investigative process to determine what happened inside the aforementioned bathroom and whether Alves is actually guilty.

Source: Clarin

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