Messi and the funny anecdote with his children, who are now arguing and saying “Go there”

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The sentence is an event of the moment, seasoned by the still high heartbeat and the fever of the game. TO Outside Weghorst was not seen on camera, but Lionel Messi he was unwilling to share the space. He had never been seen so angry before and the attacker’s Holland he was the involuntary protagonist of a sentence that still hasn’t lost its effervescence.

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“I saw it, I saw it”assumes Messi in an interview granted to Olewhen reminded that his phrase has also been used by Novak Djokovic to joke with diego schwartzmann. From football to tennis, non-stop. Without the “bobo” – it literally is “What are you looking at, stupid?, what are you looking at, stupid?, go, go there, stupid”– the phrase is more innocent. And that’s how she preferred it Manchester Utd to receive Weghorst after signing it: “Go to Old Trafford”titled United on its Twitter account in Spanish.

It is in the cups, in the shirts, in the popular imagination and also in the Messi house. “Yes, yes, now guys sometimes load me with this. And when something happens or they fight with each other or have a party, they throw it away.”revealed Messi in the interview. The phrase is here to stay, it is used everywhere.

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“And yes, someone else uses it. But I said the truth is that it was a hot moment and today, after what happened, I didn’t like seeing myself like this either. And for it to go viral as it happened, I thought of nothing… It was a feverish moment, a very hot game for all that had been said before, for what was said during the match and because of how it went finish”he summed up, as if to apologize for the “stupid” part.

“Go over there. Go over there (alone, without the fool) it’s nothing… It was a thoughtless and natural reaction. It came out like this and nothing, it stayed”closed the topic.

Source: Clarin

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