Unusual: Ángel Correa shouted his goal from the substitutes’ bench and with his jacket on thanks to VAR

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the goal of Angelo Correa is unmatched: neither Lionel Messineither Diego Maradona they did something similar. The match between Atlético Madrid and Getafe was drawn without a goal and the Argentinian managed to open the scoring… from the substitutes’ bench. It is true that he scored the goal on the pitch, but the referee validated it at the request of the VAR, when he had already been replaced and ended up celebrating with his jacket on.

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Correa took a rebound from the goalkeeper in the box and Correa unleashed a fantastic right foot that went between the post and the goalkeeper, who was recovering from Thomas Lemar’s cover. However, the referee considered that the Argentine was in an advanced position and did not allow play to resume due to the call from the VAR.

While Miguel Mateu Lahoz -yes, the one from the World Cup in Argentina against the Netherlands- has reviewed the game, the Atlético coach, Diego Simeone, has organized among other changes for Yannick Carrasco for Correa. Four minutes later the referee changes his mind and scores the central circle: it’s a goal.

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Unlike other suspenseful goal celebrations, this one had the peculiarity that the author was no longer on the pitch: with his jacket on, he jumped off the bench to embrace his teammates on the pitch, who were looking for him to the exultation.

In three minutes Correa scored a goal he couldn’t celebrate, was substituted and returned to center stage to celebrate it with his team-mates still on the pitch.

The match finished tied 1-1 as Turkish Enes Ünal eventually appeared to signal a tie, a result which leaves the colchonero in fourth position in La Liga and 15 points behind leaders Barcelona, ​​with one game to spare.

Source: Clarin

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