The anecdote between Alejandro Domínguez and Chiqui Tapia on the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “Where’s Kiricocho?”

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With the cadence that characterizes it and the typical story of those who tell good stories, the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domingueztook it out on someone in the midst of relaunching the South American candidacy for the World Cup 2030which had the head of the Argentine Football Federation, Claudius Tapiaas protagonist.

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“This year I celebrate 27 years as a leader of football and I’ve been on the pitch since before and I’ve never invoked luck. Yes, of course, to identify bad luck. I’m one of those who say: ‘oops, this came on the pitch who never comes, because today he didn’t stay at home, why did he come?’ and those things,” Domínguez began the story of him.

“It turns out I was sitting next to Chiqui in Argentina’s first World Cup match against Saudi Arabia and suddenly I start hearing him calling someone. I don’t know who, I’ve never heard of him, but he told him to calling,” he continued, with a tight smile and the complicity of Tapia, back by his side.

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“And I looked to the sides. Where is this Kiricocho? I wondered. And who could it be?, too and later I understood what it was. stadiums, at the second part he said: ‘Kiricocho, please come’ and it seems that he has come”, he finished with a laugh.

Kiricocho’s Story

The origin of the cry dates back to the late 60s and has to do with Estudiantes de La Plata. A Pincha fan, whose real name is unknown, has been accused mufa. The myth goes that every time a training session was open and I came to see it, there was an injury. Because of this, a player of that team who was very fond of cabals came up with the idea that instead of “influencing” them, Kiricocho could help them by cushioning their rivals. For this reason, on matchdays he was invited to “greet” his rivals Estudiantes.

Bilardo said about it: “Kiricocho was a boy from La Plata who was always with us and since we were champions that year we adopted him as our amulet. He was a good boy but then I never saw him again. The last Once I managed Estudiantes, I asked about him and nobody knew anything, but believe it or not, when I went to Spain to manage Sevilla there was a prison for the others and I heard someone behind me whispering: “Kiricocho , Kiricocho” and I could “I don’t believe it, until the Cholo (Simeone) and Diego encourage me that they said it a couple of times and the others learned it. In Europe! It seems incredible but you say ‘Kiricocho’ and they are wrong!…”.

Source: Clarin

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