Centro Español, the Serie D team that eliminated Tigre with goalkeeper hairdresser and hero on penalties by imitating Dibu

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There was one of those bumps on Wednesday night that only the Argentina cup I can give. Spanish Center, of D, eliminated on penalties Tiger, the excellent team of Diego Martínez, ranked at South American Cup and that he even fought to the last date of the last tournament to get into the Libertadores.

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The Nuevo Francisco Urbano stadium, home of Deportivo Morón, witnessed the Third case in which a fifth division team defeats a first division team: in 2018, even on penalties, lamadrid passed Banfieldwhile the following year royal pillar won 1-0 Velez. And, as often happens, these triumphs leave stories to tell.

The eleven members of the Centro Español pose for photographers and prepare to make history.  Photo: Argentina Cup Press.

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The eleven members of the Centro Español pose for photographers and prepare to make history. Photo: Argentina Cup Press.

D is a semi-professional category, so footballers are forced to do another job to survive while they continue with the dream of, in the short or medium term, devoting themselves exclusively to this sport and reaching the First Division. Then, why not, think about scoring goals, becoming champions, being sold abroad, playing for the national team and much more.

This is how the emotion of men of Spanish center after the penalty missed by Lautaro Montoya, the one that brought the standings to 16th place. of end. In front of them they had a group of players who already play in the First Division, who have already realized that first dream for which they are still fighting, and managed to defeat them. A huge boost of confidence in believing that the differences aren’t that great, that that goal isn’t that far away.

Among footballers bullfighter, what undoubtedly stands out is and continues to be Matthew Retegui, top scorer of the LPF 2022 and leader in the top scorer table of the current first division tournament. He looked foolproof on penalties, but in the definition this Tuesday he found himself with Tabaré Benítez, the hairdresser archer who became a hero in the night of Morón. This is the story of the day.

Even if he then missed his execution with a “match point” for those of Villa Sarmiento, the 1 was the great figure during the 90 minutes and gave his teammates peace of mind by saving the first penalty of the series. They were embracing him later when Montoya deflected his shot. From hero to villain and from villain to hero.

Source: Clarin

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