“I managed to prove I didn’t shit in the final”: Ángel Di María’s relief and an unexpected self-criticism

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Almost two months after being world champion with the Argentina national team, angel of mary vented about the title in Qatar World Cup 2022 and left unexpected self-criticism for his performance in the final against France.

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“My elders are the ones who suffer the most because they are the ones who listen to the amount of atrocities being told. I was able to reverse all of that and prove that I didn’t shit in the finalwhich is one of the things that hurt me the most and touched me the most,” Fideo said in an interview on the radio program round and a half From urban game.

As for the comparison with Didier Deschamps’ team, he revealed that he had discovered “that he would have started two hours earlier, in the speech”.

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“Luckily they trusted me again. From what I know, Scaloni spoke to Leo (Messi) to see how he saw me. And since he knows I’m very nervous, and in another world final, he must have certainly wanted to leave me stay calm and tell me at the end,” he concluded.

He was also surprised when Lionel Scaloni told him he would be playing on the left flank of the pitch, a position he was not used to occupying in the national team. The coach assured him that he would have unbalanced that sector and so it was, he also generated the penalty that became the first goal.

Despite his great performance against France, he launched an unexpected self-criticism for his performance: “Sometimes I see plays and moments from the final, I always say the same thing: I feel I could have done more”.

Regarding his days after the consecration in Qatar, he underlined: “To get up and know that you are a World Champion is something unforgettable. I’ve dreamed of him so many times, but I never thought he could become who he is today.”

“For me it is something unforgettable: what I have experienced, what I am experiencing and what the national team represents for me and for the fans. Seeing my family crying with joy was what I wanted the most,” she added.

Ángel Di María and his future in the Argentine national team

The former Rosario Central has argued that “a very good generation is coming” to the Argentina national team and was thrilled at the possibility of continuing to be called up by Lionel Scaloni.

“I go year after year, step by step. A very good generation is coming to the national team who are demonstrating in their clubs. We have to go slowly. The coach chooses those who are better, he doesn’t marry just anyone. Welcome if I can get there “, he said explained.

Regarding the friendlies scheduled for March, he said that “it will be something very nice, because the fans are waiting for these matches, eager to have fun”; and admitted that he misses the team he was with in Qatar: “A spectacular group had been put together. His teammates in the morning, lying on the pitch talking after training. He misses him a lot.”

“Every day I remember being world champion. It’s something unforgettable. I’ve dreamed of it many times but I never thought it could become what it is today,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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