Davis Cup: With a confirmed rival, will it be time to rewind and give again to seek glory again?

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When in May 2018, Agostino Calleri became the 22nd president of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) since its formation in 2021 by topping 165 votes to 131 against Jose Luis Clercthe candidate of the governing party, knew the Rio Cuartense who as soon as possible had to define the new captain of the Davis Cup team. Daniele Orsanicothe illustrious 2016 champion but dropped to ‘B’ the following year following a defeat to Kazakhstan, had openly played for Clerc in campaign.

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Then the sporting past did not count – those of the victory in Zagreb and those of the defeat in Astana – and after the victory against Chile at the Aldo Cantoni in San Juan, Calleri took the captain’s armband off Orsanic and also left him off the radar of Argentine tennis. In his place came a curious triumvirate consisting of Guillermo Coria, Guillermo Canas AND Gaston Gaudio.

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It was the 2004 Roland Garros champion who took the chair in September against Colombia, clarifying two issues in advance: his poor relationship with Coria and the absolute indifference to the importance of Orsanic in the 2016 season (“The only star this is del Potro If we won the Davis Cup it was basically thanks to him,” Perros de la Calle told the radio show).

Gaudio lasted six series as captain with three wins and three losses until, facing the 2022 season, Coria himself replaced him to qualify for that year’s Finals. His balance so far is one win and four consecutive losses in the series.

As players, Gaudio and Coria were vastly superior to Orsanic. What’s more: no one who has been captain of Davis has finished so high (respectively fifth and third in the standings). And even if it is true that neither of them had a Del Potro or a Nalbandian in their team, to mention, perhaps, the last two stars of Argentine tennis, and that they must have had very good but more down-to-earth players, the concept that having been a great tennis player guarantees nothing.

That’s why it might be time to come back after receiving Lithuania to keep the category. To rewind and give again to dream of glory again.

Guillermo Coria in the preview of the Davis Cup series between Argentina and Finland.  photo of the AT

Guillermo Coria in the preview of the Davis Cup series between Argentina and Finland. photo of the AT

Source: Clarin

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