Jorge Brito defended Daniel Passarella’s presence at the Monumental and asked River fans “not to overshadow” the celebration

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In the preview of Sunday’s match between River and young ArgentinesLittle is said about football. Is that the focus is on the presence of Daniel Passarella at the Monumental, where he will be honored together with Franco Armani, world champion at the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and the former footballers linked to the institution who were present at the consecrations of 1978 and 1986 .

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When it became known that the Kaiser would return to Núñez after almost 10 years, when he said goodbye as president after a management marked by judicial issues and his demotion, controversy broke out in river world.

In this context, the president of the club, Jorge Brito, defended his position: “They were in the public domain the differences I had with Passarella in its management. It is not worth commenting here on what we have done as soon as we get to the first presidency of Rodolfo D’Onofrio. That does not imply that I take ownership of the decision not to invite someone who has been a world champion, being a River player.”

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Here we are inviting a world champion and not a former president“, concluded the institution’s highest authority at a press conference.

In this sense he insisted: “Every time we made invitations to different champions, such as those of America or those of the Intercontinental with River and as we will do now with the world champions, it was for everyone”.

Finally, the River patron left a message for members and fans: “What I’m asking is that you don’t overshadow the big moment take a picture with all the world champions and especially Armani, who is the only reigning world champion, in River and in Argentine football”.

Passarella talks about his return to the Monumentale: “I’d understand if they didn’t welcome me well”

“I have never hesitated to return to the Monumental”, began the former footballer and also former manager of the Millionaire entity. “I would understand if they didn’t receive me well,” he later commented. “I know I’m not to blame for the river going down“He said in another section of the talk with reporters of free.

“I’m about to be on the River pitch, I feel like I’m with 78 players and the hospitality the club offers us seems excellent. I make this comeback for the people of River, nothing more. They have been very good to me“, highlighted Passarella, by telephone.

He added: “I immediately accepted the invitation. I have never hesitated to return to the Monumental. I took the decision as a sane thing. I wanted to go. I go there with all my family and many friends, who also want to be there. I go with everyone.”

Daniel Passarella, part of the history of River and of all Argentine football.  Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

Daniel Passarella, part of the history of River and of all Argentine football. Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

He also explained that before, “he was always busy with work or he wasn’t in the country.” “I went to the club a couple of times, not too long ago,” she clarified.

The only weight I have is that we went downhill with River. That story is long. He’s getting used to living with the weight on. I’m still used to it. I know it wasn’t my fault“, highlighted Passarella, with a particular tone of voice when he touched on that topic.

“I won’t talk about the subject as a leader because the person who should be there is not in the speech. Who will it be?”, he said without mentioning it to Julio Grondona. “Do you feel that Julio Grondona sent you down?” asked the journalist Hugo Balassone. “That’s what you say,” replied the Kaiser, avoiding controversy.

Source: Clarin

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