The drought in the countryside also hits Road Tourism hard: the case of Facundo Ardusso and his gesture with the sponsors

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When Facundo Ardusso He was 16 years old and road touring was a dream, he got the backing of an agricultural machinery company in his hometown, Las Parejas, to compete in karting. Eighteen years later, the sponsor who had faithfully accompanied him since 2005 had to step aside due to the drought that hit the agricultural sector.

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“The drought that was and is having, having many companies linked to the sector, I was struck by having continuity with so many sponsors, some historians as in the case of Ombú. I understand the moments and I also accompany them. I’m grateful for the years they’ve supported me, and besides not having a cheap deal, I’ll include them in the car,” he told her. The skinny TO clarion and discovered a difficult reality for many drivers.

The drought has a lot to do with this difficult scenario we face to start the season. Aside from the fact that it’s an election year and there’s uncertainty about what might happen, February started out quieter than in previous years in terms of the productivity of industry-related companies. I hope everything will settle down in the coming months, but there won’t be as high a level of production as in recent years,” said the 34-year-old driver, one of the most important in Argentine motorsport.

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That condition, however, is no longer sufficient to raise the budget by a million dollars to race. In 2022, Ardusso started with a Chevrolet from LRD Performance but on the 11th he got into the Torino that Marcelo Agrelo had left at Maquin Parts. After five races with the team that was champion with Manu Urcera, and with which he won one, it lost four sponsors and had to change structure again to start the 2023 season.

Road tourism, the most popular category in the country.  A feeling but also a millionaire deal.  Photo: ACTC.

Road tourism, the most popular category in the country. A feeling but also a millionaire deal. Photo: ACTC.

I didn’t want to change teams, but to have continuity because I like long-term projects, but it’s not so easy to be able to stay in a team for a long time. Undoubtedly the budget has influenced the change of structure ”, he said that he will continue at the top of a Torino but now in the Rus Med Team.

The sponsors provided by Mauro Medina’s team were instrumental in providing those remaining earnings. “The opportunity seduced me and I’m very grateful for it,” said Ardusso. A very nice project was presented, I am very satisfied and they welcomed me very well. I have positive expectations. I hope to be able to give him good results throughout the year”.

This is how the new Ardusso Torino will look like in the TC season.

This is how the new Ardusso Torino will look like in the TC season.

With 148 races run in the category and 31 podiums, the man from Santa Fe has no doubts in remarking that he hopes to “be a protagonist, don’t go unnoticed”. “Fighting for pole positions and winning them. Fight for the series and win them. Fight for races and win them. To be featured on every TC weekend, that’s what I’m looking for,” she hoped.

He knows that the challenge isn’t easy, both for what happens above and below the car: “Touring on the road is a very difficult category due to the level of competitiveness of the teams and drivers. The challenge is to be a protagonist in sport, while in the economy the goal is to survive in a year that does not meet the best economic expectations.“.

Being able to stay and be there every weekend is a challenge in itself. Luckily I have many sponsors who continue to accompany me and have trusted me and continue to make an effort to support me in motorsport,” she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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